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October 15, 2012

Supporting Aboriginal women in justice and public safety professions

JIBC recognized for partnership with Minerva Foundation

The JIBC Foundation has partnered with the Minerva Foundation in its education awards for Aboriginal women since 2008, matching Minerva contributions dollar for dollar to provide awards to students. Over the years, the JIBC Foundation has provided over $24,000 in matching funds to 20 Aboriginal women to pursue their training and educational goals in justice and public safety.  This year the number of Minerva Foundation Awards for Aboriginal Women available has doubled; providing four awards of $4,000 each to Aboriginal students, starting this fall.

In recognition of the JIBC Foundation’s support of Minerva’s goal to assist women in BC to pursue their education, the Institute was one of four special, long-term donors and partners named as award recipients at the recent 7th Annual Education Awards Recognition Luncheon.

Recipients received an engraved Inukshuk Circle of Friends statuette, with an inscription recognizing the significant and continued support of the mission of the Minerva Foundation.  Originally the Inuit built these manlike sculptures of rock along Canada’s northern shores as markers to lead their way.  Today they serve as symbols to remind us of our dependence on one another, and the importance of strong relationships.

For more information about the range of financial aid and awards available to students, visit the Financial Aid & Awards page on the JIBC website.

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