Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Policy Number: 
Policy Responsibility: 
Vice-President, Finance & Administration
Board of Governors
March 13, 1989
Last Amended: 
September 27, 2007

Context / Purpose: 

British Columbia's Freedom Of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) allows access to information held by public bodies (such as ministries, universities and hospitals) and determines how public bodies may collect, use and disclose personal information.

The intent of the Act is to strike a balance between the public's right to access records in the custody of, or under the control of, the Institute, and preventing the unauthorized collection, use or disclosure of personal information. The Act also outlines the types of personal information, which may be collected and how these must be documented. 

Policy Statement: 

The Institute will comply in full with the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. For the purposes of the Act, the President is designated as the Head of the Institute and is responsible to ensure that the Institute complies with the Act. The President may delegate the facilitation of the administration of the Act. The President shall report to the Board, in a timely manner, any actual or anticipated non-compliance with this policy. 

Last updated May 9, 2015