Program Suspension and Termination

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Board of Governors
Board of Governors
January 28, 2016
January 28, 2021

Context / Purpose: 

The Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) offers an array of credentialed and non-credentialed programs. All programs and courses are regularly reviewed for quality, currency, and relevancy to the Institute’s strategic and education plans. The purpose of this policy and the related procedure is to clearly specify the conditions for and processes in support of the suspension or termination of programs.

Policy Statement: 

Changes to JIBC’s strategic plans, education plans, programming needs, planning processes, industry and stakeholder needs and interests, and resource allocation or requirements may necessitate the need to suspend or terminate credentialed and non-credentialed programs.

Under the College and Institute Act (1996) the Board of Governors has the authority to determine which programs are terminated. This policy reflects the Institute’s desire and commitment to ensure that programs are highly relevant; resources are used effectively and efficiently; student and labour market needs are met to the extent possible through JIBC’s programs; and appropriate consideration and process occurs with program suspension and termination.

Suspension or termination of a program necessitates due consideration including consultation and information gathering from multiple sources in order to make informed decisions. Principles of timeliness, minimizing impacts on registered students, and stakeholder consultation are to guide the process. Normally within two years of a program suspension, there is further determination to resume the program (unsuspend) or terminate. Only in exceptional circumstances would a program suspension be longer than two years. JIBC is committed to appropriate planning and offerings in order to provide students who are currently registered in a suspended or terminated program a reasonable opportunity to complete the program.

The following factors may be considered with program suspension or termination:

  1. Program quality and relevance;
  2. Strategic, and education plans;
  3. Industry and other stakeholder needs;
  4. Labour market needs and outlook;
  5. Student demand;
  6. Cross institutional programming/inter-professional connections;
  7. Availability of human resources and other necessary resources for high quality programming;
  8. Government priorities in justice and public safety;
  9. Provincial government policy direction or other determinants.


This policy is applicable to credentialed programs. Program Suspension and Termination of non-credentialed programs are the responsibility of the applicable Dean and the Vice-President, Academic.


Credentialed Programs:                
Certificates, diplomas, degrees and graduate certificates are awarded from the Registrar’s Office and have received approval by the Board of Governors.

Non-Credentialed Programs:     
These programs are awarded a Certificate of Achievement by the School, Division or Centre and receive approval from the School Curriculum Committee.

A temporary measure to suspend admission to a program (for new student registration and enrolment) and removal of a program from the JIBC active program directory for a specified period of time, normally not to exceed two years.

A permanent removal of a program from the list of active credentialed and non-credentialed programs. Program termination is approved by the Board of Governors for credentialed programs.

Last updated March 28, 2017