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VP Academic
Board of Governors
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Program Development and Approval
Effective Date
February 24, 2005
January 28, 2016

Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) offers a variety of programs in justice and public safety consistent with its vision and mission, and as outlined in the mandate for the institute in the College and Institute Act. Development of new programs and change to existing programs require a comprehensive and integrated approach that adhere to quality assurance principles, practices, and standards for relevant, high quality programming. This policy acts to support the strategic and education plans for relevant and high quality programs to meet student, industry, government and other stakeholder needs.

Policy Statement

Policy StatementThis policy refers to the development and approval of new programs and of existing programs undergoing change. The policy supports meeting the governance processes and quality standards of the institute, relevant professional bodies, employers, the Ministry of Advanced Education (AVED), and the public post-secondary system in British Columbia and beyond.The Board of Governors, as outlined in the College and Institute Act (1996) has the authority to determine which programs are offered at JIBC, as well as program revisions. Specifically, the following outlines Board responsibilities:


  1. The JIBC Board of Governors delegates functions of Education Council outlined in Section 23(1) of the Colleges and Institutes Act (1996) through the President to Program Council. Program Council reports to the President
  2. Consistent with the Terms of Reference for Program Council (approved by the Board of Governors), Program Council shall establish and follow procedures for the development and approval of all JIBC courses leading to credentials and establish and follow procedures for new program development and program change. approvals
  3. For non-credentialed programs, the School Curriculum Committees (SCC) has responsibility for the educational approval.
  4. For credentialed programs, the Board of Governors has responsibility for education approval of certificates and diplomas (consistent with the AVED processes). For degree programs, provincial approval processes are followed (Degree Quality Assessment Board) and the Board of Governors approves the new program/substantive change at the institutional level.


Generally, consideration for new program development and revisions to existing programs may include:


  1. Defined student and/or labour market;
  2. Current or emerging trends, technologies and practices;
  3. Development opportunities for existing professionals working in justice and public safety;
  4. Internal and external consultation with stakeholders;
  5. Innovation and quality assurance principles;
  6. Student mobility, transfer options and recognition
  7. Opportunities for inter-professional education.

This policy applies to all new and revised credentialed and non-credentialed programs.


The following definition forms part of this Policy:

Program – A group of related courses (including practica and assessment activities) designed to produce a meaningful, integrated set of learning outcomes. All programs are approved by JIBC governance processes and applicable provincial requirements as established by AVED.

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