Program Suspension and Termination

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Board of Governors
Board of Governors
May 5, 2015
Last Amended: 
November 3, 2016
May 5, 2020
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a. Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) is committed to its mandate, its students and all its diverse education and training. Any decisions to suspend or terminate a program will be made with these commitments in mind.

b. Any decision to suspend a program will include a program completion plan to mitigate to the extent possible impact on students who are enrolled in the program.

c. Termination of a program will not impact the value or relevancy of that credential.

d. Decisions to suspend or terminate a program will follow a consultation process to ensure informed decision making.

e. The following factors will potentially influence the decision to suspend or terminate a program:

  1. Program quality and relevance;
  2. JIBC Strategic Plan and Education Plan;
  3. Industry and stakeholder needs;
  4. Labour market needs;
  5. Student demand;
  6. Cross institutional programming/inter-professional connections;
  7. Availability of human resources and other necessary resources for high quality programming;
  8. Government priorities in justice and public safety;
  9. Provincial government policy direction or other determinations.

A.  Consultations

The Dean responsible for the program will lead the consultation process.

a. Where a program is being considered for suspension or termination either collectively by the program leadership or related to factors associated with planning cycles by the Dean, the Dean will communicate this to the program area and School Curriculum Committee (SCC) in writing for discussion and feedback.

b. The timeline for feedback should be within one month of this initial communication.

c. Appropriate external consultation will be undertaken under the Dean’s leadership and consideration will be given to various information sources.

d. Consultation is required to assess possible impacts of any decision with JIBC service divisions (e.g. Student Affairs, Facilities, Finance, Technology Services, Institutional Research, Library).

e. At the conclusion of the consultation (a-d), a written recommendation from the Dean is submitted to the Vice-President, Academic (VPA).

f. The Dean consults with Senior Management Council when considering termination of a credentialed program, and as appropriate, with non-credentialed programs.

B.   Report Format to Suspend or Terminate a Program 

a. The Dean will ensure a report identifies:

    • a short description of the program;
    • highlights of consulted parties and information sources;
    • the main reasons and factors why the program is being recommended for suspension or termination;
    • if required, mitigation plans for students including options for completion of a program;
    • the implications to students, stakeholders, JIBC infrastructure; and  
    • any financial implications.

Both the proposed timing of the suspension or termination and the steps that will be required to ensure that all those effected must be part of the report.

b. The Dean will review the Report with the SCC prior to it going to the VPA.

C. Decision-Making Process

The suspension or termination report from the Dean is reviewed by the VPA, and further consultation may be required or requested.

a. For program suspensions, the VPA makes the final decision considering the Report and the Dean’s recommendation and communicates this to Program Council and Senior Management Council, with a communication plan to include the date when the suspension is to be reviewed (normally no longer than two years). The Board of Governors is also advised.

b. For program termination of credentialed programs, the VPA and proponent Dean take the recommendation to Program Council for advice and feedback. The final determination is made by the VPA and then that recommendation is submitted to the Board of Governors for approval (to SMC and Program Council as information). The Board of Governors has decision making responsibility for program termination of credentialed programs.

 c. For program termination of non-credentialed programs, the proponent Dean, with VPA endorsement, approves the termination and this information is then provided to Program Council, Senior Management Council and the Board of Governors.

d. For those programs that are terminated, a communication plan will be developed and implemented by a proponent as delegated by the Dean. The communication plan will need to include, at minimum, consultations with Communications and Marketing, Institutional Research, and the Registrar’s Office as keeper of all related records.

Last updated March 29, 2017