Adult Probation Officer Career

Adult Probation Officers are peace officers who supervise adult persons in conflict with the law. Their goal is to reduce the likelihood of offenders engaging in further criminal activities.

Adult Probation Officers manage offenders by applying risk assessment tools to assess risk, and they facilitate or deliver programming that assist offenders to take steps towards pro-social behaviour. They provide specific information to the Court to assist in decision-making and supervise community orders for bail, probation and conditional sentences. They work with a variety of community programs and services to carry out their mandate. Using all these strategies, Adult Probation Officers contribute to reducing crime while making our communities safer places to live.

Role in the Community

Adult Probation Officers manage the risk offenders pose to the community. Their role may include:

  • Providing the court with information on the factors that brought the offender into the justice system and strategies on addressing those issues;
  • Assessing the risk the offender poses to the community; and
  • Implementing or facilitating programming to reduce the risk of reoffending.

Adult Probation Officers also interact with victims, courts and social agencies as a means of assisting the offender and protecting the community.

A Typical Day

On a typical day, an Adult Probation Officer will be multi-tasking. At one moment, they may be interviewing a client, and the next they may be requesting a warrant because an offender has violated the conditions of their release order.

It would also be a normal day to interview a victim, write a court-ordered report, travel to a remote community or facilitate a program on substance abuse. Offenders who walk into a probation office can be sex offenders, mentally disordered or have committed violence against their spouse.

Working as an Adult Probation Officer requires being non-judgmental, open, and flexible, while maintaining a belief that people can change. Desirable qualities also include patience, intelligence, and an ability to assist clients without compromising community safety.


The salary range for Adult Probation Officers tops at approximately $63,000 per annum after six years. For Probation Officer 14s, the top salary is approximately $45,000 per annum.

Employers & Job Prospects

The BC Corrections Branch, Ministry of Justice employs Adult Probation Officers and Probation Officer 14s in B.C.  Job opportunities are posted on the BC Public Service website.

More Information

Further details can be found on the Adult Probation Officer webpage.

Last updated January 9, 2019