Youth Probation Officer Career

Youth Probation Officers supervise and assist young people in conflict with the law.  They provide valuable information to the court to help make decisions that balance the best interests of the young person and protection of society.  

Role in the Community

Youth Probation Officers protect society by providing young offenders with the appropriate supervision and support in the community.   They work collaboratively with parents, caregivers and other professionals (e.g. social workers, teachers) to address the needs of the young person and reduce the risk of re-offending.  This is accomplished by utilizing resources and programs that offer rehabilitative and pro-social development opportunities for young people.

A Typical Day

A Youth Probation Officer has a job that varies from day to day, which could include: attending court; participating in meetings at schools, foster homes, programs or custody centres; conducting home visits; meeting with youth in the probation office; and conducting investigative interviews and writing reports for the court.

Program of Study

Successful completion of three prerequisite courses is required before hiring.

Once hired, a training plan is established based on the terms of employment. The Youth Probation Officer basic training certificate program requires successful completion of numerous online courses, practical evaluations and acceptable overall performance within the first six months of employment.


The salary range for Youth Probation Officers is $30 to $35 an hour.

Employers & Job Prospects

The Ministry of Children and Family Development employs Youth Probation Officers in B.C. Job opportunities are posted on the BC Public Service website.

More Information

Full details on this career can be found on the Youth Probation Officer webpage

Last updated January 9, 2019