Office of Applied Research & Graduate Studies

The Office of Applied Research & Graduate Studies (OARGS) enhances JIBC support and leadership in the areas of applied research, technology-enabled learning and teaching, academic planning, graduate studies, and liberal studies.

Centre for Research, Innovation & Scholarship (CRIS)

The Centre for Research, Innovation & Scholarship (CRIS) supports the JIBC vision of being a “world leader in justice and public safety education and research” through an integrated program of work with a pan-Institute focus and mission, including strategic and operational objectives as we move forward to build research capacity and leadership.


The Centre supports:
  • Applied Research
  • Research Ethics
  • Centre for Resilient Communities
  • Centre for the Prevention & Reduction of Violence

Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation

The Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation (CTLI) fosters transformative educational initiatives in partnership with the JIBC community. CTLI advances scholarly and innovative approaches to teaching, learning, curriculum, and educational technology practices across JIBC’s diverse inter-professional and applied learning contexts.


The Centre supports:
  • Technology Enabled Teaching & Learning 
  • Innovation
  • Professional Development

Centre for Liberal & Graduate Studies (CLGS)

The Centre for Liberal & Graduate Studies (CLGS) supports the planning, development, implementation, and assessment of educational programs. It works collaboratively with the Institute’s Schools, Divisions and external stakeholders to establish policies, procedures, processes, and standards that support a student’s educational experience.

The Centre supports:
  • Liberal Studies
  • Graduate Studies

Last updated January 18, 2019