Youth Probation Officer

Youth Probation Officers supervise young offenders in the community and focus on addressing the criminogenic needs of young offenders to reduce the risk of re-offending. In British Columbia, Youth Probation Officers are employed by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Who Should Take these Courses

These courses are for persons interested in making positive changes in the lives of youth, helping them become successful members of the community, by working in the criminal justice field as Youth Probation Officers.

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Course Overview

There are three courses which are prerequisites for being hired into a temporary or permanent Youth Probation Officer position.  All courses are online and are open for enrolment.  Click the links for schedule and fee information.

Course dates can be found in the Youth Probation Course Schedule:

Overview of the Youth Justice System - YJUS-1006
This course was designed to provide an introduction to the youth justice system in British Columbia, and how it fits within the context of the Canadian criminal justice system.  Key personnel and services within BC's youth justice system will be identified, and the basic concepts of criminal law will be applied to the youth justice system process.

Overview of the Youth Criminal Justice Act - YJUS-1007
This course was designed to provide an introduction to the Canadian Youth Criminal Justice Act, including an overview of the main tenets and philosophy of the legislation, and the key sections in each major part of the Act.

Community Youth Probation Officer - YJUS-1008
This course was designed for people interested in a career as a community youth probation officer in British Columbia.  Participants will learn about the role, duties and functions of a community youth probation officer, and how community youth probation officers fit into the multi-disciplinary approach of the Ministry of Children and Family Development.  Participants will also learn about ethical practice and standards of conduct for public service employees in BC, from a community youth probation officer's perspective.


  • If you’ve worked as an Adult Probation Officer in British Columbia for the past two years, you're only required to take YJUS-1007 - Overview of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.
  •  If you've worked as a Youth Probation Officer in another Canadian jurisdiction for the past two years, you’re not required to complete the three prerequisites.
  • If you've previously completed YPO100, YPO102 or YJ102 you don't need to take YJUS-1006.
  • If you've previously completed YPO101, YPO103 or YJ103 you don't need to take YJUS-1007.
  • If you've previously completed YPO104 or YJ104 you don't need to take YJUS-1008.

For confirmation of course completion, you may view your unofficial transcript for courses taken after April 1, 2015 at

Hiring Process in British Columbia

In British Columbia, Youth Probation Officers are employed by the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Available Youth Probation Officer positions are posted on the B.C. Public Service Employment Opportunities website. Youth Probation Officers are hired to work in a specific office/location in B.C.

If you are interested in a career as a Youth Probation Officer in B.C., you must meet the following criteria:

  • Bachelor's degree, preferably in a related discipline (e.g. social work, criminology, sociology, psychology), however, other degrees may be considered.
  • Successful completion of the following courses offered by the Justice Institute of British Columbia:
    • YJUS-1006 - Overview of the Youth Justice System;
    • YJUS-1007 - Overview of the Youth Criminal Justice Act; and
    • YJUS-1008 - Community Youth Probation Officer.
  • Experience in justice, educational or social service setting that involves supervision, counselling or conflict resolution.
  • Valid B.C. driver's licence.
  • Successful completion of security screening requirements of the BC Public Service, which may include a criminal records check, and/or Criminal Records Review Act (CRRA) check, and/or enhanced security screening checks as required by the ministry (Note: It is important that you read the job posting carefully to understand the specific security screening requirements pertaining to the position).

Training After Hiring

The Youth Probation Officer Training certificate program begins after an individual has been hired into a permanent Youth Probation Officer position. Training involves successful completion of all required online courses, including assignments, quizzes and practical evaluations.

The new hire will also have to meet the Ministry's performance criteria required for appointment to the position, which is evaluated over the first six months of employment.


You may register for any of these courses online or contact Student Services at 604.528.5590 (toll-free 1.877.528.5591). If you are a current MCFD employee, do not register online, please contact Melanie Chernoff at or 604-528-5606 to register for these courses. For more information regarding these courses, contact Youth Training Coordinator Melanie Chernoff at, 604.528.5606.

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