Online Courses

The Centre for Conflict Resolution online or blended courses are designed: 

  • so that the learner will devote approximately 4-7 hours per week to the course, which varies depending on several factors including how fast a person types, how comfortable they are on a computer, how fast they read, etc;

  • to be asynchronous, which means they do not occur in real-time. In other words, although the learner is interacting with the instructor and their classmates and needs to follow the course timelines, the learner doesn’t have to be online at any specific day or time*; and

  • for people with beginner computer skills in mind. If a learner can surf the web and use email, they will likely be reasonably comfortable in one of our online courses.

* The exception to this is CRES-128 Ethical Dilemmas for Mediatiors, which has weekly small-group teleconference calls and one whole-class teleconference call, generally the third Monday of the class, 7-9:30 p.m.

The following courses are available online:

The following courses are available as blended courses - a mix of online and in-class learning:

No blended courses offered at this time.

Participants must be comfortable using computers and the internet. For more information on JIBC software and hardware requirements for online courses, and other information, please visit the JIBC Online Learning pages.

Last updated August 22, 2019