Associate Certificate in Conflict Coaching

This 12-day Associate Certificate will equip you with fundamental coaching tools to enable you to help others resolve their intra- and interpersonal conflicts more effectively. It provides practical, effective methods for reducing conflict and creating strategies for sustainable resolutions.

The learning context for this certificate will be workplace-based, however, conflict coaching can be applied in other settings, such as within your community, friends or family, and in tandem with other intervention methods such as negotiation or mediation.

Please note that CRES-1131 – Conflict Coaching Level I has been approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) to go towards their Continuing Coach Education (CCE) credits for the 2019 calendar year.  By completing this course you can gain 21 hours of CCE credits. 

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Who Should Take This Certificate Program

Leaders, managers, dispute resolution practitioners and those wishing to learn more about coaching others through conflict, as well as those who want to learn more about the process of collaborative conflict resolution. The Centre for Conflict Resolution offers a number of Information Sessions throughout the year.

The Centre for Conflict Resolution offers a number of Information Sessions throughout the year.

Learning Objectives

You will learn the foundations of collaborative conflict resolution before focusing on the foundations of the coaching approach. You will then broaden your learning on the themes of anger and emotion before deepening your approach to conflict coaching when the stakes and emotions are high. Your learning will culminate in a written and practical assessment of your learning, skills and abilities.

Program Format

  • The certificate program is 12 days of face-to-face training and a mail-in assessment. 
  • You can take courses individually or complete the certificate.
  • Learn at your own pace – take courses when they fit your schedule.
  • There is continuous intake into this associate certificate program.
  • All four courses are scheduled several times throughout the year.
  • Full attendance is required.
  • We recommend you complete the program within 6 months.


To check current course availability, select the course code below. If you wish to register, follow the instructions on the course listing

Course Name Course Code Credits Days

Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution (or) 

CRES-1100 1.5 3

Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution: Workplace Focus


Conflict Coaching Level I

CRES-1131 1.5 3

Dealing with Anger


1.5 3

Conflict Coaching Level II

CRES-1231 1.5 3
Assessment: Associate Certificate in Coaching CRES-1551    

Note: 1 day is equivalent to 7 credit hours.  A credit is comprised of 14 hours.
Single courses in the Certificate Program are available for individual enrollment. 

Books & Supplies

Course manuals are supplied when you attend class, and if purchase of books or other materials are required you will be advised of the details when you register.


Certificate Enrolment Fee: $75
Cost for the program is approximately $3,100 plus Learner Services Fee (costs vary based on course locations).

Application Process

The courses and certificate are open to anyone. There are no formal requirements for admission.

Register to a class
To check individual course availability, select one the course codes above and follow the instructions on the course listing.

Enroll in the program
Apply Online

Justice Institute of BC
Student Services
715 McBride Boulevard, New Westminster, BC V3L 5T4

to Student Services at 604.528.5653


or 1.877.528.5591


CRES-1551 Assessment: Associate Certificate in Conflict Coaching is a mail-in assessment.

See Assessment Details.

To receive your Associate certificate in Conflict Coaching you must successfully complete the four required courses and an assessment demonstrating achievement of the learning outcomes. Required courses include CRES-1100 or CRES-1101, CRES-1131, CRES-1190, and CRES-1231.

The integrative component for the Associate Certificate in Conflict Coaching is a mail-in assessment that consists of a written or audio preparation for a coaching session with a client as conflict coach, an audio or AV recording of the role-played conflict coaching session, a written self-evaluation of the role-play and a written reflection on personal learning in the Associate Certificate.

You must be enrolled in the certificate program before submitting this assessment.


The fee is due when the assessment is submitted to the JIBC. You may pay by cheque payable to the Justice Institute of British Columbia, or by credit card. You are not required to register, nor pre-pay for your assessment. Please remit payment when you submit your assessment for marking.
Current assessment fees can be found here. Please note this fee is increased by 2% every April.


Email, or mail your completed assessment and payment instructions to:

CCR Assessment
Centre for Conflict Resolution
Justice Institute BC
715 McBride Boulevard
New Westminster, BC V3L 5T4
Phone: (604) 528-5825
Email: or

You will receive your results by mail within four to six weeks from the date it is received.

Last updated October 28, 2019