Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement and Investigative Skills Courses

The Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement and Investigative Skills courses are designed to develop the skills and knowledge required to work within British Columbia's bylaw enforcement field.

Developed in consultation with experts in bylaw enforcement, the courses reflect current practice and trends in the profession, uses practitioner-led training, and meets the needs of BC's many diverse municipalities while providing provincially-recognized training qualifications.

You will develop a deep knowledge and awareness of relevant legislation, learn compliance and enforcement options, draft and amend bylaws, and learn how to apply for and execute warrants. You will develop complex interview and investigative skills, understand how to present evidence in legal and non-legal proceedings, and learn how to exercise discretion in decision-making. You will gain the skills and knowledge used to defuse emotionally-charged situations, manage personal safety and the safety of others, and become more aware of community issues. Issues connected to diversity, mental health, and homelessness will be discussed.

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Who Should Take These Courses

These courses are for those:

  • Currently working as BC bylaw enforcement / local government regulatory officers;
  • Currently working as license inspectors (i.e. building, electrical, gas, plumbing)
  • Seeking employment in the bylaw enforcement / licensing fields, or
  • Seeking to qualify for a competitive position.

Course Format

The courses use a blend of online learning (6 weeks online, approximately 14 hours per week) and face-to-face delivery. The format for each course is as follows:

Weeks 1-6 (online) includes approx. 14 hrs. per-week of self-directed reading, quizzes, discussions and assignments. There are no lectures delivered online. 

Week 1: Online 
Week 2: Online
Week 3: Online
Week 4: Online
Week 5: Online
Week 6: Online
Week 7: Break
Week 8: On-campus, in person for the face-to-face component for 3 days

To successfully complete both BLAW-1000 and BLAW-1005 courses, you must: 

  • Attend all training in full (i.e. online and in-person)
  • Complete all learning requirements, including assignments, discussions, journals and quizzes, and achieve 70% or higher overall


Course Name/OutlineCourse CodeCreditsDays
Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement and Investigative Skills 1BLAW-10003First 6 weeks online followed by a 1-week break followed by 3 days of face-to-face learning on campus
Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement and Investigative Skills 2BLAW-10053First 6 weeks online followed by a 1-week break followed by 3 days of face-to-face learning on campus

 Certain BLAW-1000 and BLAW-1005 sections will have an extra week break between the online and face-to-face components of the course due to Statutory holidays.  

Bylaw Course Dates

Course Costs & Supplies

The total cost to complete both courses is approximately $2,500.00 (includes BLAW-1000 and BLAW-1005.)  For individual course pricing, click the links in the previous section.

There are no extra book or supply costs. All required course materials are supplied when you attend class.

International tuition rates are calculated at 3 times domestic rates.

Admission and Registration

To improve your chance of success in these courses, It is strongly recommended that you have a grade 12 or equivalent education, are fluent in the English language (written and oral), and have basic computer skills with reliable Internet access.

There is no application process for these courses.

You can register for courses online by clicking the course titles under Courses, above.

Course registration information here

Be sure to register early, as classes fill quickly. To check current course availability, click the course link above or call student services at 604.528.5590.


Questions Answers 
Online course: Do I have to be online at specific times/days?No - login anytime day/night and as many times needed to complete the weekly schedule


Bylaw Student Evan Dean




Evan Dean


“The course was taught by people that have a great deal of field experience, and in many cases are currently working in the field,” said Evan. “The instructors did a great job of relating the program’s learning outcomes with great examples, role playing, and personal anecdotes from their experience. The instructors are why taking the program at JIBC is the preferred

choice. The program, and other JIBC programs I’ve taken, have been hugely beneficial for me. And the relationships I’ve developed at JIBC have been invaluable."

Last updated September 19, 2019