Course Descriptions & Outlines

Our courses are developed using an applied, experiential learning model which means you will learn practical, hands-on skills and perspectives you can use immediately.

We offer courses in leadership, training, facilitation, leading change, motivating teams and leading projects – you have a wide variety to choose from in order to best meet your needs.

Courses vary in length from one to three days, and you can take individual courses at your own pace to fit your schedule and budget. There is no application process – you may register for courses as you choose, so long as you meet any prerequisite requirement.

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Leadership Courses

The following courses may be taken individually or as part of a Certificate Program.

To check current course availability, select the course code below. If you wish to register, follow the instructions on the course listing.

Course Name
links to course outline
Course Code Credits Days
Lead Yourself First LEAD-1100 1.5 3
Leading Through Relationships LEAD-1101 1.5 3
Leading with Influence in Organizations LEAD-1102 1.5 3
Critical Thinking for Better Decision Making LEAD-1103 1.0 2
Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution CRES-1100
CRES-1100 or
1.5 3

Leadership Simulation (read more here)

LEAD-1504 1.0 2
Certificate in Applied Leadership Final Assessment LEAD-1559 -- --

 Elective Courses

Leading Projects LEAD-1366 1.0 2
Leading with Resilience LEAD-1395 1.0 2

Training and Facilitation Courses

The following courses may be taken individually or as part of a Certificate Program.

Course Name 
links to course outline
Course Code
Credits Days
Advanced Facilitation INDC-1250 1.5 3
Creating Positive Learning Environment INDC-1340 1.5 3
Designing Consultation and Engagement Processes INDC-1302  1.5  3
Essential Skills for Training and Facilitation (ISW Certification) INDC-1110 1.5 3
Facilitation Fundamentals INDC-1377 1.0 2
Tools and Activities for Trainers INDC-1211 1.5 3
Creating and Delivering Engaging Presentations INDC-13961.02
Training and Facilitation Capstone INDC-1591 1.5

Note:  1 day is equivalent to 7 credit hours. A credit is comprised of 14 hours. * Online courses run over a 6 week period.

Courses Delivered on Contract Only

Course Name - links to course outline
Course Code Credits  Days
Change Management LEAD-1886.51
Critical Skills for Trainers INDC-1822.51
Critical Thinking LEAD-1827.51
Introduction to Facilitation INDC-18771.02

Course Cancellation & Refund Policy

The JIBC reserves the right to cancel courses. A full refund of tuition fees will be issued for courses cancelled by the JIBC. In every case, as much advance notice as possible will be provided. The JIBC is not responsible for participants’ expenses (such as airline or hotel reservations) if a course must be cancelled. We truly regret any inconvenience this may cause.  See JIBC Tuition Refund Procedures

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