Custom Training

JIBC has a long history of working with national and international partners to assess, design, develop, and deliver innovative and effective educational solutions.

We provide expertise in:

  • EMS systems needs analysis
  • Educational needs assessment
  • Curriculum development
  • Print, multimedia, and online development
  • Instructor training
  • Program evaluation and accreditation
  • Specialized program delivery
  • High stakes exam development and delivery

Skill & knowledge-based EMS programs:

  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • First Responder
  • Primary, Advanced, and Specialty Care Paramedicine
  • Basic and Advanced Life Support and Resuscitation
  • Trauma Life Support

To meet your unique needs, our education programs are customizable and current.

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We deliver worldwide

Programs are offered in Canada, or delivered worldwide to your staff at your facility.  The main campus of the JIBC is located in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, which is part of the Vancouver area of BC.  View photos of our campus locations.

Our expert faculty is ready to consult with you, and to design customized courses that meet your specific requirements.

For more information on how the Centre for Professional Health Education can assist you with your training needs, please email

Our clients

The Government of Canada Department of National Defence, Canada
For many years, CPHE was responsible for training the Department of National Defence's Medical Assistants (Medics) to a Primary Care Paramedic level. These Medics can be dispatched anywhere in the world to support Canada's military personnel and civilians.

Canadian Forces School of Search and Rescue, Canada
Since 1997, CPHE has been the agency responsible for all medical training for Department of National Defence's Search and Rescue Technicians (SAR Techs), an elite group of pre-hospital care professionals who often reach their patients utilizing their skills as parachutists, scuba divers or mountain climbers. There are approximately 130 SAR Techs who respond to the need for search and rescue in extreme conditions Canada-wide.

Hong Kong Fire Services - Ambulance Command
Our partner since 1989, the Hong Kong Fire Services — Ambulance Command are now recognized in Southeast Asia as leaders in the area of emergency medical services. To date, more than 1000 ambulance officers have received training in basic and advanced resuscitation techniques.

Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)
The SAF and CPHE have collaborated closely since 1996. Presently CPHE is developing new courses to replace the existing SAF medic training programs. These courses will provide a continuum of increasing complexity and broadening scope of paramedic practice, while still emphasizing the essential lifesaving skills that all medics should be proficient in.

Last updated January 21, 2019