Occupational First Aid 3 Certification (formerly Paramedic in Industry)

Candidates in possession of current Emergency Medical Assistants (EMA) License, may apply for an OFA certificate at the appropriate level from an authorized training Agency.

PLEASE NOTE: As of July 1, 2018 WorkSafeBC has discontinued the Paramedic in Industry (Pii) course. 

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EMA Paramedic License Requirements

EMA License Holders need to complete the following and present to an authorized training agency.

  1. Fill out and sign an OFA Certification Application Form.
  2. Complete the OFA out of jurisdiction jurisprudence package - June 2018.
  3. Present their photo identification (in person) or fill out the Identification Verification Form with a copy of their identification.
  4. Present their EMA Paramedic license or letter issued by the EMA Licensing Board (EMALB) indicating that the license is valid and not in shortfall.
  5. Fill out and sign an OFA Statement of Fitness.

Please send the above requirements to emr@jibc.ca for review and approval.

Out of Province Paramedic License Holders

If you hold a valid paramedic license outside of British Columbia you must first contact the EMALB (Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board) and get your BC EMA license.  There is a jurisprudence exam to be done. 

Once completed and you have an BC EMA license you then can follow the directions above.


Please allow for at least 10 - 15 business days for processing.

Application Fee

Effective January 1, 2019 there will be a $70 application fee.

Please fill out Application for JIBC OFA3 Application Fee Form and email to emr@jibc.ca with required application documentation (see above accordian). 

Please allow for at least 10 - 15 business days for processing.

Out of Jurisdiction OFA 3 Card Holders

First aid attendants from out of province

If you hold a valid first aid certificate from a regulatory authority in Canada, you can be issued a certificate that WorkSafeBC will recognize.  You must:

  1. Present yourself to a first aid training agency in B.C. that's approved by WorkSafeBC. To register, you will need photo ID and a copy of the first aid certificate you earned outside B.C.
  2. Complete an application form and the applicable jurisprudence package.
  3. Occupational First Aid and Reference Training Manual for reference 
  4. Review B.C.'s health and safety regulation.

Please send the above requirements to emr@jibc.ca for review and approval.


Please allow for at least 10 - 15 business days for processing.

Last updated March 21, 2019