Applied Driver Research

DEC has the facilities and expertise to meet the research needs of professionals and agencies in the areas of driver training, collision investigation and traffic safety. DEC works in conjunction with Innovative Vehicle Testing (IVT) to conduct vehicle safety and performance testing, including barrier crashes.

DEC also promotes traffic safety through its affiliations with organizations such as BC Automobile Association, ICBC, Centre on Aging (University of Victoria), Institute of Police Technology & Management (University of Florida), Crown Corporations and private industry.

Current Initiatives

There is concern within society that a “gold standard” has not been developed for assessing on-road driving errors for the aging driver. DEC has sponsored and worked with the Centre on Aging (University of Victoria) to conduct a systemic review of the literature relevant to on-road driving assessment. This current review:

  • Provides a description of the on-road driving assessment strategies currently being used.
  • Examines the similarities and differences between the strategies.
  • Summarizes the specific characteristics found in older drivers.

A copy of the report and poster is attached. Both are authored as follows: K Kowalski, M.Sc., H. Tuokko, PhD (University of Victoria) and K. Tallman, PhD (Justice Institute of BC).


On-Road Driving Assessment of Older Adults:  A Review of the Literature (2008).


Use of On-Road Evaluations for Identification of Impairment and Retraining of Older Drivers (2008).

The next step to this project is to focus the research on the aging commercial driver.

Last updated January 9, 2019