Driver Assessments

DEC provides a professional assessment of current driver skills and behavior. Our one-hour driver assessment is conducted on a designated route that covers most aspects of day-to-day city and freeway driving.

The session will include:

  • A review of  the  drivers  judgment and decision making as they relate to preventable collisions
  • Vision/observation, space management, speed control, steering, braking and overall vehicle handling

A detailed evaluation form will provide the driver and/or company with an overview of the overall driving performance. The driver will be provided with details about areas that require improvement.

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Who Should Take This Course

The driver assessment is available to

  • employees
  • general public

The assessment is an excellent resource for fleet managers, companies and organizations who want to ensure their on-road employees are safe.

Learning Objectives

To assess a driver’s ability in a variety of traffic and roadway conditions.


This assessment is 1 hour and conducted in the driver’s own vehicle or company vehicle.


$200/assessment (minimum 4 - maximum 5 assessments per day)

$230/assessment (with 3 assessments per day)

Course Requirements

Participants must present a valid BC Drivers License.

Last updated September 26, 2019