Total Control Driving

Total Control Driving is a hand-on advanced driving course conducted at the JIBC Driver Education Centre located at Pitt Meadows Airport. The course emphasizes acceleration, braking and cornering, judgment, maneuverability, and proper use of mirrors for specialized vehicles. Participants have the unique opportunity of experiencing the limitations and capabilities of their driving skills and the limitations and capabilities of the vehicles they operate under normal and extreme conditions. It is recommended that participants complete Collision Avoidance Driving prior and use a company or personal vehicle.

Who Should Take This Course

This course is offered on a contract basis to companies and various organizations.

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Learning Objectives

Total Control Driving will enhance and develop the driver’s confidence and skill levels when operating the different types of vehicles available to them in their day-to-day activities.


7 hours

  • Courses can be customized to meet specific client needs
  • Course length varies from one to three days and are limited to 12 participants


One full-day

$2,310 flat rate applies for up to 6 students

$385/each additional student (maximum 12 students)

JIBC Vehicle Rental: $175/vehicle/2 students

Course Requirements

Participants must present a valid BC Drivers License.

Last updated September 26, 2019