Total Control Driving - Enhanced

As per the Total Control Driving description; plus:

 Option A – Winter Driving

Training takes place in a specialized vehicle to simulate reduced traction conditions. The importance of  targeting vision, skid recovery techniques and smooth vehicle operation is emphasized.

 Option B - Occupational Four Wheel Drive Operation – Basic

 This includes 4x4 vehicle specific driving skills and backing, wheel placement and an introduction to climbing and descending on moderate hills. This training is conducted at JIBC Driver Education Centre - Pitt Meadows Campus.


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Learning Objectives


All training take place at JIBC - Pitt Meadows Campus


One full-day

$2,640 - flat rate applies for up to 6 students

$440/each additional student (maximum 12 students)

JIBC Vehicle Rental: $200/vehicle/2 students

Last updated September 26, 2019