Road Safety at Work


Road Safety at Work is an initiative funded by WorkSafeBC and managed by JIBC to reduce work-related motor vehicle crashes, deaths and injuries. In BC, work-related crashes are the leading cause of traumatic workplace fatalities in BC accounting for 37 per cent of all traumatic workplace fatalities. On average each year, 24 workers are killed and another 1,240 are injured in work-related crashes.

Road Safety at Works manages three programs to increase worker driving safety:


Fleet Safety â€“ which is aimed at improving the road safety performance of BC’s more than 215,000 employers by offering free online tools, resources and courses as well as workshops and advisory services. 


Care Around Roadside Workers â€“ which is focused on improving the safety of all roadside workers in BC including municipal workers, landscapers, flag persons, tow-truck drivers, road construction and maintenance workers and emergency and law-enforcement personnel. 


Winter Driving Safety â€“ which is focused on reducing the number and severity of road crashes during the winter months by encouraging drivers to adapt their driving behaviour to address winter hazards such as snow, sleet and ice. 


Last updated January 12, 2019