Bachelor of Public Safety Administration

Canada’s first undergraduate degree in public safety administration.

The Bachelor of Public Safety Administration (BPSA) is an inter-professional program designed to develop strong managers and supervisors in public safety. Today’s public safety organizations require their staff to have a greater breadth of knowledge and skills. The BPSA develops students’ technical, managerial, and administrative competencies so they can thrive as effective public safety professionals assigned to managerial and supervisory roles. Learners in the program acquire the theoretical, methodological, and practical competencies needed for career advancement in today’s inter-disciplinary public safety fields.

Flexible Format, Flexible Credentials

The Bachelor of Public Safety Administration is offered completely online.  Students can choose to pursue their studies full-time or part-time.  New students can start the program at the beginning of any semester (September, January, and May).  See Application Process, below, for more information.

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Who Should Take this Program?

The BPSA is a four-year, 120-credit undergraduate degree, designed for students who already have a certificate and/or diploma in a related field and wish to ladder that credential into a degree. Credit for up to the first two years of the degree will be granted to students who meet the program’s admissions requirement. See Admission Requirements, below.

The Bachelor of Public Safety Administration is designed for:

  • Practitioners and mid-career public safety professionals seeking managerial and supervisory roles in specific public safety disciplines, such as policing, corrections, emergency management, fire and safety, para-medicine, and other related disciplines.
  • Current public safety professionals seeking a relevant applied and academic credential to support their career goals in public safety disciplines.
  • Graduates from JIBC certificate and diploma programs with experience who want to advance their education through a degree program in public safety administration.
  • Graduates of other public post-secondary institutions who have diplomas or associate degrees in related fields.

Graduates from the BPSA will be prepared for taking positions within public safety professions that involve management, supervision, administration, and operational roles.

What Will I Learn?

The Bachelor of Public Safety Administration concentrates on providing students with a well-rounded education based on the following principles:

  • Increased depth and breadth of knowledge within and outside the area of specialty (e.g. firefighting, corrections, policing, etc.).
  • Acquisition of critical thinking, information literacy, and communication skills.
  • Enhanced ability to deal with ethical ambiguity and controversy.
  • Cultural sensitivity as required by today’s global citizens.
  • Insights into ways of influencing the community, through the study of relationships in a macro socio-historical, economic, and cultural context.

The program requires that students augment technical, managerial, and administrative skills development with liberal studies, communications, research, and statistics courses. The higher levels of the program demand that students use more complex cognitive processes. Students must synthesize information to develop, implement, and evaluate significant public safety initiatives, and analyze and apply theories and concepts at organizational and community levels.

Throughout the program students are challenged to:

  • Think critically and innovatively inspire individuals and teams to reach their potential by embracing innovation through strategic thinking and shared responsibility.
  • Communicate effectively - both orally and in writing.
  • Recognize and analyze the extent and nature of an information need, efficiently locate and retrieve information, evaluate information and its sources critically, and use information effectively and ethically.
  • Make informed judgments and decisions.
  • Understand and work productively within and between groups, respecting others’ perspectives and providing constructive feedback, with special attention to inter-professional relationships.

Graduates of the program will have the theoretical, methodological, and practical competencies required for career advancement in their fields. They will also be well positioned to transfer their skills and knowledge to positions of management and leadership in public safety disciplines

Program Format

The Bachelor of Public Safety Administration is a paced and facilitated online program. Students have the opportunity to collaborate and share experiences in an interactive online learning experience. Courses are facilitated by faculty who are experts in their fields.

The BPSA is designed for students to study part-time. Students generally take two to three courses per semester, three semesters per year. At this rate students can expect to complete their program in three to four years, depending on how much credit they transfer into the program.

Time Commitment:

Courses run on a 14-week semester. Although most activities do not require students to be online at a specific time of day, students must be active in their courses on a weekly basis. Plan to dedicate approximately 6 hours per week per course on your studies.

Students are expected to complete a minimum of five courses a year.

Program Cost

Tuition for the program for Canadian citizens and permanent residents is approximately $7,000 per year (based on 30 credits), depending on the individual courses chosen. Textbook costs are extra.

Prices apply to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Prices are subject to change and are subject to applicable fees and taxes.


To check current course availability, select the course code below. If you wish to register, follow the instructions on the course listing.

CourseCourse codeCredit

Year Three - Required

Data and Research Management BUSN-31153
Crisis CommunicationsESMS-2500 3
Exercise Program Management ESMS-33603
Public Safety Service and Government RelationsPSAD-31003
Public Sector and Non-Profit Management (UVIC312) PSAD-3200 3
Maximizing Human ResourcesPSAD-32103
Labour Management in Public SafetyPSAD-32203
Statistical Foundations for Decision MakingPSAD-34003

Year Three - Electives (choose two)

Leadership in Law Enforcement (Face to Face)LAWS-30033
Corporate InvestigationsESMS-31103
Introduction to Intelligence Analysis (3 credits)INTL-3410 3

Year Four - Required

Introduction to Risk ManagementESMS-2400 3
Ethical Issues in Public SafetyESMS-4220  3
Policy Development and Implementation ESMS-4250 3
Strategic Partnering ESMS-44103
Managing Information and Technology in Public Safety PSAD-43003
Public Sector Program Evaluation & Performance Measurement (UVIC437)PSAD-4400 3
 BPSA Capstone ProjectPSAD-49006

Year Four – Electives (choose two)

Planning for Terrorism, CBRNE and Major Health OccurrencesESMS-44203
Applied Research in Public Safety and Law Enforcement (Face to Face) LAWS-4000 3

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the BPSA must have one of the following:

  • Successful completion of a JIBC certificate, diploma or advanced diploma
  • Successful completion of a diploma or associate degree in a related field from any recognized post-secondary institution
  • A combination of transfer credit and prior learning assessment and recognition for work experience that would be the equivalent of up to 60 credits of undergraduate study.

Applicants who meet one of the above requirements will receive credit for up to the first two years of the degree and be granted admission into the third year of the program.

Application Process

**Admissions to the BPSA program are currently suspended until further notice.**

New students can start at the beginning of any semester (September, January, and May). To apply:

  • Complete the online program application form. Our Admissions Officer will contact you for the $75 application fee.
  • Write a letter of approximately 250 words describing your interest in the program and how you intend to manage your studies with your other responsibilities to ensure your success in the program.
  • Submit the entrance letter, a resume, and official (sealed) transcripts for all post-secondary studies in person or by mail to:

Admissions Officer
Student Services Centre
Justice Institute of British Columbia
715 McBride Boulevard
New Westminster, BC V3L 5T4  Canada


Application Deadlines

  • September start: Complete application to be received no later than June 30
  • January start: Complete application to be received no later than October 31
  • May start: Complete application to be received no later than February 28

Once accepted into the program, you will receive information on how to register for courses.

Last updated November 4, 2019