Exercise Design

Prepare your team with Exercise Design training and services from Canada's leading public safety educator.

Are you looking to build in-house Exercise Design expertise? Or do you need an exercise designed and delivered for your organization?

Exercising is the best way to apply learning and identify important resource gaps. Book a course to build internal exercise design capacity or contract us to put together an exercise for you. We will come to your location anywhere across Canada or internationally.

The Emergency Management Division is able to provide customized and site-specific courses and Exercise Design services to all of our clients. We can adapt our existing Exercise Design courses or design new courses and exercises to meet your needs.

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What is Immersive Simulation Technology?

Immersive Simulation Technology places students in the most realistic scenarios possible. Introduced by the JIBC, Praxis is a virtual immersive simulation-based learning tool that can be used to enhance any training or exercise program. And with its web-based format, Praxis can deliver immersive, interactive scenario-based training exercises anywhere, anytime. Read more about Praxis and Immersive Simulation Technology.

Who Should Take This Training?

JIBC’s Exercise Design training is ideal for any public or private organization looking to:

  • Build exercise design expertise within their team or organization
  • Learn how to deliver seminars, workshops, tabletops, immersive simulations, drills, functional exercises or full-scale exercises

JIBC’s Exercise Design services are ideal for any public or private organization looking to:

  • Support their in-house team in the development and/or delivery of any type of exercise, including seminars, workshops, tabletops, immersive simulations, drills, functional exercises or full-scale exercises
  • Have an exercise developed for their team
  • Have an exercise delivered for their team
  • Have an exercise developed and delivered using JIBC’s Praxis Immersive Simulation System

What Will You Learn?

Through our series of Exercise Design courses, your team will learn the fundamentals of creating and implementing both discussion-based and operations-based exercises, including:

  • Seminars and workshops
  • Tabletops
  • Immersive simulations
  • Drills
  • Functional exercises
  • Full-scale exercises 

Your team will also gain proficiency in all five key exercise design phases:

  • Foundation
  • Design and development
  • Conduct
  • Evaluation
  • Improvement planning


CourseCourse CodeHours
Introduction to Emergency Management Exercise DesignEMRG-1150Online or 2 days on-site
Designing and Conducting Discussion-Based ExercisesEMRG-1151Online or 2 days on-site
Designing Operations-Based ExercisesEMRG-1152Online or 3 days on-site
Conducting Operations-Based ExercisesEMRG-1153Online or 2 days on-site


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Delivery Format

JIBC Exercise Design courses and services are available on-site at your location, anywhere across Canada or internationally. Because you pick the location, you save on transportation and accommodation costs, time away from work, and productivity gaps. We come to you whether it's at your office, a conference centre or a hotel meeting room. Or you can choose to have the course delivered at one of our campuses. All courses are also available online. 

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Last updated January 12, 2019