OARGS Reports, Documents & Videos

The Office of Applied Research & Graduate Studies reports, documents and videos.

Scholarship forms the foundation of practice, training, and education. This document provides an overview of scholarship (based on five functions: discovery, application, teaching, service and integration) and places it within the context of the JIBC. 

This paper outlines the Student Research Skills Development Framework developed for the JIBC for use in guiding the research skills development of its students, facilitating student learning, and promoting student success.  

The Centre for Applied Research has a vision of establishing the Justice Institute of British Columbia as the lead justice and public safety research institution in Canada, helping keep communities safe through an active applied research agenda engaging first responders, first receivers, practitioners, policymakers, stakeholders, and service users. 

The Annual Applied Research Day event aims to raise the awareness of the important role applied research plays in scholarship, student engagement and solving real world issues. It showcases student-led research of JIBC undergraduate students and their capstone research projects. 

Last updated January 12, 2019