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The Justice Institute of BC (JIBC) offers a Tuition Bursary Program for eligible students who have grown up in government care.

The tuition bursary is intended to provide an opportunity to individuals who are underrepresented at the post-secondary level. 

This policy applies to all JIBC degrees, diplomas and certificate programs and complements The Youth Education Assistance Fund (YEAF).

Effective January 2015, residents of British Columbia who are currently living in care or who have lived as a "youth in care" in BC, as defined below, are eligible for the bursary.


Definition of youth in care 

A "youth in care" is defined as an individual who is a resident of British Columbia and is living or has lived as a youth in care in British Columbia under one of the following conditions as defined by the Child, Family and Community Service Act (CFCSA):

  • A Continuing Custody Order under Sections 41 (1) (d), 42.2 (4)(d), 42.2 (7), 49 (4), 49 (5), 49 (10) (a) or;
  • An Agreement with Youth under Section 12.2 or:
  • A Transfer of Custody Order Section 54.1

If students are unsure whether they meet any of the above criteria, they should contact their former social worker, any Ministry of Children and Family Development office, or a delegated Aboriginal Child and Family Services agency for help. 



Up to a maximum of $2,000 annually per eligible student.


Who Should Apply

Prospective applicants must provide evidence from a current or former agency worker of eligibility for the Youth in Care Tuition waiver as a current or former youth in care in the Province of British Columbia. Within the Authorization for Release of Information, JIBC will verify each student's eligibility with the Ministry of Child and Family Development or a delegated Aboriginal Child and Family services agency.


Eligibility Criteria
  • A submitted, completed and signed Application for the Youth in Care Tuition Bursary and Authorization for Release of Information to the Student Financial Aid and Awards Office.
  • Minimum 18 years of age during the academic year of study.
  • Accepted into a JIBC certificate, diploma or degree for the upcoming semester OR be a continuing student and maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.00 each semester and registered in a program leading to the completion of a certificate, diploma or degree.
  • A resident of British Columbia.
  • Documented financial need by completing the Youth in Care Tuition Bursary application and signing the declaration. Supporting documentation may be requested to verify the information contained in the application form.
  • Must have exhausted or been declared ineligible for Youth Education Assistance Fund.


Terms of the Youth in Care Tuition Bursary
  • Part of the general student bursary fund and will be adjudicated within the constraints of the annual budget allocation.
  • As a minimum number of tuition-paying students are required in each course to enable it to be offered, the Institute reserves the right to limit the number of bursaries admitted to a course and/or apply the regular course fees in high-cost courses.
  • Applies only to the tuition fees for the course. Any other expenses necessary for participation in the course such as books, supplies, equipment rental, etc. must be paid by the student.
  • Not applicable for tuition in short-term professional training courses.
  • All refunds are subject to the Refund Policy applicable to the program area and any remaining monies will be returned to the bursary fund.
  • Applicants must have exhausted or been declared ineligible for the Youth Education Assistance Fund.


application Deadlines
  • January 30
  • April 30
  • September 15


Application Process

Download and complete theJIBC General Bursary application and note you are a "Youth in Care" in the Personal Statement field. We recommend you print a copy for your files prior to submitting your completed form.

For more information email Financial Aid.