The Service Excellence Award recognizes employees at JIBC who have done an outstanding job providing service and support to their internal and/or external clients.



Mildred Huerta

As JIBC’s graphic designer, Mildred Huerta is a core member of the Communications & Marketing team who has consistently demonstrated a commitment to providing excellent service through the hundreds of projects she has been involved with over her five years at JIBC. Her work has been a contributing factor to the significant increase in public brand awareness of JIBC.

In addition to the many projects assigned to her on short notice, she regularly produces numerous major projects including annual reports, materials for events and marketing campaigns, and viewbooks. She is also an essential member of the JIBC website redesign project.

Despite her heavy workload and tight deadlines, Mildred always shows a real passion for her work, taking the time to explore options that can most effectively achieve the marketing goals of a particular design project. A consummate professional, she continually explores and experiments, helping to provide consistency and advance JIBC’s brand as Canada’s leading public safety educator. 


Karen Hodson

Karen has held her current role, Administrative Research Assistant of the Office of Applied Research & Graduate Studies (OARGS) since the inception of OARGS in 2010. She has been its key administrator and has provided foundational support for its continued growth and success. Considered an organizational mastermind, she is devoted to ensuring a seamless workflow at OARGS. 

Karen has spearheaded the organization of the OARGS Applied Research Day held each spring. She consistently goes above and beyond to support research teams and is able to communicate, collaborate, and provide the invisible support required to pull off complex meetings and workshops. She identifies and takes on critical tasks that might otherwise be missed while also organizing and streamlining processes and procedures on long-term projects.


Marjory Jardine

Marjory Jardine is a committed and passionate champion for student learning, working tirelessly to provide library research skills sessions to every JIBC student. Marjory provides classroom instruction to students in certificate and degree programs, either face-to-face or through online webinars, last year reaching a record 1,295 students across Canada.

Student academic success is Marjory’s goal. She provides excellent reference service to students, no matter how complex the question, or how long it takes. In addition to providing instruction to students, she continually updates the Library’s Research Skills Tutorial, which is now part of the Liberal Studies Research Methods course, counting towards students’ participation mark. Marjory provides online virtual reference via the AskAway service, reaching postsecondary students throughout the province. She also coordinates the academic boot camp webinar for Primary Care Paramedic students from around the province and has offered to be a mentor for students completing their research capstone projects.


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