Final Grade Appeals

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Policy Responsibility: 
Vice-President, Academic
Board of Governors
May 22, 2014
May 22, 2017

Context / Purpose: 

The Justice Institute of British Columbia (the “JIBC”; “Institute”) recognizes that a student may believe that a final grade is wrong or unfair.  Thus, the JIBC is interested in ensuring students have access to an appeal process for their final grade.  

Policy Statement: 

JIBC Responsibilities

JIBC will ensure timely feedback to students on their classroom performance and provide opportunities for students to view submitted work and ask questions about grading. Although JIBC will consider resolutions for appeals, course grades will not be adjusted for reasons other than the merit of submitted work (e.g., test, assignment, essay, practical exam) associated with an appeal of a final grade. 

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to be aware of all relevant course requirements and seek out information in a timely manner when they become aware of any concerns or discrepancies regarding their grades. It is expected that students discuss their concerns with their instructor and attempt to resolve their concerns informally before commencing a formal appeal. Students who wish to formally appeal an academic decision may do so under the process outlined in the procedures section.  Students are expected to participate fully in the appeal process to ensure full consideration by the Institute. It is also important to understand that the outcome of a grade appeal may be a higher or lower final grade. 


This Policy and the accompanying procedures set out the process for appealing a final grade in a JIBC course.  Students in a course or program where the curriculum is subject to third party regulations are subject to appeal procedures of the third party. The appeal process is not meant to address matters of curriculum or instruction. Appeals of a final grade made as a result of Academic Student Misconduct are addressed under the Student Code of Conduct Policy and not the Final Grade Appeals Policy.

Last updated June 24, 2015