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Vice-President, Academic
Program Council
November 17, 2010
Last Amended: 
March 15, 2015
March 15, 2017
Procedure Statement: 


  1. Responsibility for Grades:

    a. The instructor or, at the discretion of the Dean, a subject matter expert (designate) is responsible for determining, within the context of JIBC policies, how learning is evaluated within a course, for maintaining clear records of marks given for any course work, and the weighting of those marks on the final course grade. 

    b. The instructor or designate, unless otherwise instructed by the Dean, is responsible for ensuring all grading records and any student exams retained by the instructor or designate are kept for a minimum one year period. 

    c. If the instructor or designate is not at JIBC after the course/program completion, these records are to be filed with the program/department for reference.

    d. Although the instructor or designate normally informs students of final grades for a course, the grades are not official until they are provided to the student as part of the official transcript.

    e. The Office of the Registrar is responsible only for the recording/maintenance of the final grade assigned for a course. 

  2. Deviations from this Policy:
  3. a. Some external accreditation requirements, outside the jurisdiction of JIBC, may impact on methods and processes used to evaluate a student’s performance and the assigning of final grades. Such requirements should be documented in the course outline.

    b. Some programs offered in partnership with another institution with differing evaluation and grading guidelines may require evaluation and grading procedures outside the scope of this policy.  Such variances from normal JIBC grading policy must be clearly stated in partnership agreements and are subject to Program Council approval.

    c. Given the diversity of courses and programs at JIBC, in special circumstances a program area may request a variance from this grading policy to meet its needs.  Such a request for a grading variance must be recommended by the appropriate school curriculum committee for approval by Program Council, and shall apply only to the particular course or program.

  4. Reconsideration of Grades:
  5. Once grades are recorded in the Student Record System they are official and will not be changed except when:

    a. A grade is a temporary grade such as ‘I’ or Incomplete, which must be converted to a final grade as per established guidelines

    b. A student successfully appeals the final grade as per the JIBC Final Grade Appeal Policy.

    c. An instructor or designate determines that a final grade was in error, based on evidence of omission or calculation error.

Last updated June 15, 2015