Research Associates

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Vice-President, Academic
Vice President, Academic
November 18, 2008
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September 10, 2014
September 10, 2016
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1.     Context

The purpose of this procedure is to enable Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) to identify and recruit external Research Associates as members of the JIBC’s Applied Research community and to enhance the Institute’s research capability.  The role of Research Associates is to support JIBC Centre for Applied Research’s vision of establishing the JIBC as the lead justice and public safety research institution in Canada, helping keep communities safe through an active applied research agenda engaging first responders, first receivers, practitioners, policy makers, stakeholders and service users.

Benefits to JIBC would include:

a.  Access to specialized skills, knowledge, and expertise of professionals/faculty and specially qualified and distinguished members of the research community who are not current JIBC faculty or students;

 b.  Development of an association of well-respected professionals/experts/faculty and members of the research community; and

c.  Involvement of Research Associates as team members to enhance the Institute’s   competitiveness in grant and contract submissions.

2.    Definition

Research Associates: Distinguished professionals or subject matter experts, external to the Institute, who will undertake or advise on JIBC applied research activities.  Research Associates bring knowledge and expertise in their particular fields to JIBC research projects.  Research Associates may work independently or collaboratively with administrators, faculty or researchers within the JIBC and other institutions on joint projects.  Research Associates may also serve as JIBC contractors or sessional employees.

3.     Role of a Research Associate

Research Associates may undertake the following activities at JIBC:

a.  Assist with the development of new research proposals that fit within the JIBC applied research mandate;

b.  Lead or collaborate on research activities initiated or undertaken by JIBC faculty;

c.  Provide expertise/advice on research activities, projects or proposals;

d.  Act as mentor to faculty and students by providing informal advice and assistance in their field;

e.  Consult with faculty on curricular and academic matters on request;

f.  Attend JIBC meetings by invitation;

g.  By mutual agreement, present occasional guest lectures, seminars, demonstrations, or workshops. (Minimum one presentation per 3 year term is required);

h.  Assist with knowledge translation and conveyance of research evidence to key policy, decision makers and other program audiences at all levels;

i.  Work in or with specialized JIBC facilities, labs or equipment;

j.  Link colleagues at JIBC with other academic/professional institutions;

k.  Participate in other activities within JIBC by invitation; and

l.  Attend and participate in JIBC events and special functions, including convocation ceremonies.

4.     Conditions of Appointment

a.  Qualifications: Research Associates possess excellent academic and/or professional qualifications and/or distinguished service records.  It is recommended that the minimum qualifications for this position would be at the post-baccalaureate level or equivalent, with five or more years of research experience. Specific experience as a primary investigator, co-investigator or research collaborator is essential. A practitioner, considered highly credible and/or experienced in his/her field, could possess expert knowledge and skills to be a Research Associate.

b.  Nomination Process: Research Associates must be associated with one of the JIBC’s Schools and the individual must be nominated by the Dean of that School.  As part of the nomination process the following Research Associate documents must be sent to the Office of Applied Research and Graduate Studies (OARGS) Administrative Assistant:

  • Curriculum Vitae (Full CV or link to CV for internal use);
  • Biography Statement: 1-2 pages  short CV of the Researcher  (for Web and nomination process);
  • Photo of the Researcher  (for Web and nomination process)
  • Letter of Interest written by the Researcher that will include:
  • why the researcher would like to partake in research with the School;
  • a paragraph (maximum of 350 words) describing their research, and
  • 3 key words indicating their research interests.

Once received, this information along with the School’s expression of interest will be sent to the Dean OARGS for review. The School’s expression of interest will detail how this individual will contribute to the School’s applied research program or activities.

c.  Approval and Appointment Process: The Dean OARGS will forward the nomination package to the Applied Research Committee (ARC) for their review.  ARC’s recommendation for appointment will be forwarded to the Senior Management Council, which makes the final approval of all Research Associate appointments.

Once an appointment has been approved, the Dean OARGS will generate an appointment letter.  A copy of the letter will be sent to the nominating School Dean. The nominating School will be responsible for ensuring that the Research Associate has:   

  • A Research Profile and photo on JIBC website “Applied Research” page for their School;
  • JIBC Library privileges; and
  • JIBC Research Associate business card, if so requested.

d.  Accountability: A JIBC Research Associate must notify and receive approval from the appropriate JIBC Divisional Director or representative prior to making any submissions, publications or undertaking any activity on behalf of the JIBC.  Research Associates are expected to comply with the Institute’s Integrity of Research and Scholarship Policy and associated Procedures.

e.  Term/Reappointment: Position appointments are honorary and may be made for three years on a renewable basis. The Dean of OARGS, will coordinate the renewal process and will forward recommendations for renewal to the Deans of the Schools and if approved for renewal, to the ARC and JIBC Senior Management Council for approval.

f.  Termination/Dismissal: Either the Institute or the Research Associate may terminate this appointment before the end of its term, by giving four weeks written notice.  

Last updated June 22, 2015