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Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy & Complex Trauma Certificate

Centre for Counselling & Community Safety Certificate

The Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma certificate is an advanced 21-day (10.5 credit) program that uses Focusing-Oriented Therapy as a safe and effective method of working with clients who experience complex trauma.

The program emphasizes both knowledge and application through classroom instruction, clinical practice, and clinical supervision/observation. A variety of Aboriginal/Indigenous treatment modalities are woven throughout the courses, including experiential exercises, story-telling, ceremonial processes and land-based healing techniques.

Aboriginal Leadership Certificate

Centre for Aboriginal Programs & Services Certificate

This certificate is designed for leaders and managers to develop skill sets, knowledge and attitudes required to work successfully and effectively as leaders in various Aboriginal contexts. The program will underscore the importance of understanding the diversity of Aboriginal cultures and contemporary issues, as well as the legal and legislative framework relative to Aboriginal peoples in Canada. Currently offered only on Contract basis.

Aboriginal Trauma Certificate

Centre for Counselling & Community Safety Certificate

This 20-day (10 credit) program is open to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals, and is delivered in four one-week modules that are to be taken sequentially. The format is highly interactive and experiential: will include lectures, demonstrations, role-playing, and small group discussions; will provide regular opportunities for self-reflection, personal sharing, and storytelling; and will occasionally utilize talking circle and support group formats. Offered on Contract basis only.

Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) Advanced Diploma

Paramedic Academy Advanced Diploma

The Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) Program trains students to think critically, solve problems, and function as leaders while providing the highest possible standards of patient care. The program courses focus on clinician skills, inter-professional collaboration, leadership, lifelong learning, community-based emergency health, and the science and delivery of EMS. This program meets or exceeds the National Occupational Competencies as established by the Paramedic Association of Canada, and is accredited by the Canadian Medical Association.

Associate Certificate in Conflict Coaching

Centre for Conflict Resolution Associate Certificate

This 12-day Associate Certificate will equip you with fundamental coaching tools to enable you to help others resolve their intra- and interpersonal conflicts more effectively. It provides practical, effective methods for reducing conflict and creating strategies for sustainable resolutions. The certificate is ideal for leaders, managers, dispute resolution practitioners and those wishing to learn more about coaching others through conflict, as well as those who want to learn more about the process of collaborative conflict resolution.

Associate Certificate in Leadership & Conflict Resolution

Centre for Conflict Resolution Associate Certificate

Learn to apply a collaborative approach to resolving conflict in your capacity as a leader, and deepen your leadership skills by completing the Associate Certificate in Leadership and Conflict Resolution. This program provides foundational leadership knowledge and practical strategies that can be applied immediately in your community and/or workplace setting.

Associate Certificate in Training and Facilitation

Centre for Leadership Associate Certificate

This 11 day/5.5 credit hands-on certificate program offers both new and experienced trainers and facilitators comprehensive knowledge, skills and experience in adult education practice and theory. This certificate is designed for mid-career professionals new to training and facilitation, developers and designers of learning material, and trainers looking to enhance and update their skills in learner-centered practices.

Associate Certificate in Workplace Conflict

Centre for Conflict Resolution Associate Certificate

The Associate Certificate in Workplace Conflict is comprised of 11 days of face-to-face training that will teach learners how to recognize, understand and resolve conflict more effectively, and build more productive relationships with clients and colleagues. This certificate is ideal for anyone wishing to learn more about the process and practice of collaborative conflict resolution within the specific context of workplace conflict.

Bachelor of Emergency and Security Management Studies (BESM)

Emergency Management Division Bachelor's Degree

The Bachelor of Emergency and Security Management Studies is a 120-credit, broadly based, multi-disciplinary program designed specifically to meet the safety, security, and emergency management challenges of today and tomorrow. Graduates are equipped with the basic conceptual approaches and methodologies of safety, security, and emergency management as they apply to business and community environments and the theoretical, methodological, and technical competencies required for a career in security and emergency management.

Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies (BLES)

Justice & Public Safety Division Bachelor's Degree

The Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies (BLES) is comprised of 20 courses and 60 credits and coupled with a diploma will be comprised of a four year, 120-credit degree program. This 120 credit program will provide the upper level academic qualifications that will enhance the development and mastery of practical skills in the areas of critical thinking, communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, organizational theory, case management, negotiation and mediation, restorative and community justice and leadership.