Adult Correctional Officer Career

Correctional Officers are Peace Officers who are responsible for maintaining the safety and security of inmates within a designated area of a Correctional Centre for adults. You’ll perform a variety of program and case management functions within the Correctional Centre and perform other duties as required.

Correctional Officers perform different jobs in the Correctional Centre based on individual experience, skills, interests and the requirements of the centre (e.g. Living Unit Officer, Records Officer, Control/Prowl Officer, Program Officer, CORE Facilitator, Visits Officer, Gang Officer, etc.).

Correctional OfficersRole in the Community

Correctional Officers as Peace Officers have two primary duties:

  1. protection of the community/inmates, and
  2. promote change in offender behaviour.

Peace Officers have authority over others and therefore the public trust is paramount and expectations on their professionalism are high. When an Officer puts on their uniform, they represent the organization and must govern themselves based on a code of conduct.

The community, peers and the Court may pass judgment on a person, but that is not the role of a Correctional Officer. Imprisonment and banishment from the community is the punishment. The role of the Corrections Branch is to satisfy the intent of the sentence and, through its staff, encompasses a duty to the community to promote opportunity for change in a person's behaviour.

A Typical Day

A Correctional Officer manages large groups of inmates in a Correctional Centre. As an Officer supervising a Unit, there will be numerous interactions with inmates. A Correctional Officer ensures all inmates in their care remain safe, with their basic needs and rights maintained at all times.

Correctional Officers are expected to maintain a positive and professional attitude while dealing with inmates, staff, and the public. You will assess inmate behaviour and defuse potentially difficult situations. The Correctional Officer's job places them in highly visible situations that require alert, tactful and mature responses.

Correctional Officers follow the direction of their Supervisor, and, using computers, write and submit reports on a regular basis.

Qualifications/Academic Requirements

See 'How to Apply' on the B.C. Public Service Employment Opportunities website.

Physical Requirements

See 'How to Apply' on the B.C. Public Service Employment Opportunities website.

Program of Study

Training offered after hiring includes in part: Safety and Security, Case Management, Programs and Services, Use of Force, and Administrative Process.

Correctional Officer on the jobRemuneration

See 'Additional Questions & Answers' on the B.C. Public Service Employment Opportunities website.

Employers & Job Prospects

The employer is the BC Corrections Branch, Ministry of Justice. Recruitment is ongoing; see 'How to Apply' on the B.C. Public Service Employment Opportunities website.

More Information

Visit the Adult Correctional Officer webpage, or the BC Corrections Career Opportunities webpage.

Last updated January 9, 2019