The School of Criminal Justice & Security offers programs that provide the theoretical knowledge and applied understanding for students and professionals in law enforcement, justice and security-related fields.

  • Corrections & Community Justice Division trains professionals who work with adult and youth offenders in provincial institutional and community settings, to manage the risk they pose to the public and support their rehabilitation. CCJD educates Family Justice Counsellors to assist families experiencing separation and divorce.
  • The Justice & Public Safety Division strengthens the overall network of security that supports community safety. The Division offers professional programs for public and private sector clients. Their goal is to support the highest standards in security training and certification.
  • The Police Academy is responsible for training all municipal police recruits in British Columbia. The Academy also offers online courses for experienced police officers.
  • The Sheriff Academy develops and delivers training for Court Services Sheriffs in the province of B.C. Through our Threat Management Training & Education we offer specialized training - both online and face-to-face - in high-security trial management, protective intelligence and risk and threat assessment for individuals and facilities.

Last updated March 7, 2016