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  • Canada’s Homicide Rate Rises
  • Co-Habitant Cannot Waive Privacy Interest in Computer
  • Investigative Detention Must Be ‘Brief’: 80 Minute Detention Arbitrary
  • No s. 10(b) Breach in Un-Elicited & Spontaneous Incriminating Statement
  • Throwing Keys Away Abandons Privacy Interest: No s. 8 Breach
  • Reasonable Grounds Not To Be Subject To Piecemeal Analysis
  • Criminal Code Search Warrants OK Even Though Income Tax Act Warrant Available
  • Police Must Turn Their Minds To Specifics When Delaying Access To Counsel
  • Adoption Of Paragraphs Written In Third Person OK: ITO Valid
  • Entrapment Test Need Only Reasonable Suspicion, Not Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
  • Crown Must Prove Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Youth Not Detained

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Last updated January 9, 2019