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  • Co-Habitant Can Consent to Police Entry
  • Trunk & Knapsack Search Proper As An Incident to Impaired Arrest
  • Warrant has Implied Execution Date
  • Involving Deceased's Mother At Interrogation Not Oppressive
  • Informer Tip & Reasonable Grounds: Looking at the Whole Picture
  • Misuse of CPIC A Serious Breach of Public Trust
  • Illicit Drug Overdose Deaths on the Rise 3.0
  • Crown Bears Burden of Proving Warrantless Search Reasonable
  • Police Need Not Corroborate all of Informer's Information
  • Arrestee Not Always Limited to 'One Phone Call'
  • Information Provided by Credible Source & Confirmed: RGB Upheld
  • Reasonable Grounds for Belief Less than Balance of Probabilities.


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Last updated June 27, 2017