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  • Transmission Data Recorder Assistance Order Authorized Subscriber Info
  • Recognition Evidence Not Inherently Unreliable Like Stranger Eyewitness Testimony
  • Good Faith Favours Admission Of Drug Evidence Under s. 24(2)
  • Statement Admitted Despite Serious s. 10(b) Charter Breach
  • ‘Systemic’ Breaches Aggravate Seriousness Of Police Conduct
  • Illicit Drug Overdose Deaths In 2018
  • CI Information Sufficiently Confirmed: Warrant Valid
  • Arrest To Be Assessed In ‘A Practical, Non-Technical & Common-Sense Way’
  • Detention Involves ‘Significant Physical or Psychological Restraint’
  • Court Split On Legality Of DNA Profile Obtained From ‘Abandoned’ Coffee Cup
  • USB Search Not Related To Reason For Arrest: Charter Breach Proven

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Last updated February 27, 2019