Search & Rescue

Prepare yourself and your team with on-site Search & Rescue training from Canada's leading public safety educator.

Are you looking for a Search & Rescue course to be delivered on-site at your location? Or do you need a customized training session developed to meet the specific needs of your team?

The Emergency Management Division is able to provide customized and site-specific courses to all of our clients.  We can adapt our existing SAR courses or design new courses to meet your needs.

The JIBC is also proud to partner with Emergency Management BC (EMBC), the RCMP, and the British Columbia Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) to deliver Search & Rescue training to volunteers across British Columbia.

  • To become a Search & Rescue volunteer, contact your local SAR team or visit the Emergency Management BC website.


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CourseCourse Code
Introduction to Search and Rescue in British ColumbiaEMRG-1703
Ground Search Team LeaderEMRG-1711
Organized Avalanche Response Team MembersEMRG-1751 
Organized Avalanche Response Team LeaderEMRG-1752
Wilderness SurvivalEMRG-1752 
Search and Rescue Management Level 1
RCMP SAR Management Distance Learning Presentation 


Student Resources

Instructions for filling out the SAR Training Application Form:

  1. The student or Training Officer fills out all the required fields on the fillable application form.
  2. The form can be saved using "SAVE AS", in order to save it on your own computer.
  3. Forms are printed off and signed by the Training Officer or SAR President.
  4. Training Officer or SAR President either faxes, or scans & emails the form to "SAR Training".

Student Appeal of a Course Evaluation

Romer Card

This quick and easy reference tool provides invaluable navigational and planning tools right at your fingertips.

Key Benefits:

  • Small enough to fit in any pocket, measuring in at 98 x 148mm
  • Durable and weatherproof with heavy duty lamination
  • Easy to find with a bright green colour
  • Easy to read with improved clarity and larger type size
Romer   Card    click image to view larger

Key Features:

  • UTM romers for 1:50,000 and 1:20,000 scale maps
  • Slope indicators for reading slope angle from contour line spacing for:
    • 1:50,000 scale: 20m, 100' and 40m contour intervals
    • 1:20,000 scale: 20m contour intervals
  • Latitude/longitude scale for minutes and seconds, 1:50,000 scale maps
  • Scale for 1:20,000 scale maps
  • List of standardized ICS map symbols and colours for SAR
  • NEW added a compass rose
  • NEW added a decimal-minutes scale to the latitude/longitude scale

The Romer Card is available from the JIBC Store at a cost of $4 each, plus shipping and handling and applicable taxes. Contact the JIBC Store.

Last updated May 29, 2019