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Search and Rescue (SAR) Rope Rescue Tech 2 Fundamentals is the third of several provincial training courses designed to prepare SAR volunteers to perform rope rescue operations in wildland situations. This course follows selected sections from the Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC) established curriculum as outlined in EMBC SAR Rope Rescue Manual Section 3: Rope Rescue Technician 2. The course will include rappelling and ascending to access the rescue site, knot passes, high-angle stretcher handling and pick-off techniques. Through self-study, demonstration and hands-on practice, students will be equipped to participate in a wildland rope rescue over the edge.

This course is for active members of recognized Search and Rescue (SAR) Groups in British Columbia. To apply, go to and look for the link to the application form. The application form must be signed by the Training Officer or member of the Management Team of your SAR Group.


  • EMRG-1736 or EMRG-1737 or EMRG-1734;
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No sections are currently scheduled for this course

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