Justice Institute learners can access a variety of financial aid resources to help reduce barriers to pursuing their education.

Located at the New Westminster campus’ Student Services Centre, the Financial Aid office provides advice on financing student education, information about bursaries, awards and scholarships, and navigating government financial aid applications.

1. Create a Budget

Understand your monthly income and expenses by using a Student Budget Worksheet to track your spending. The Government of Canada and most local financial institutions have worksheets that many of our students find helpful. Remember to overestimate expenses and underestimate income when filling out your worksheet.

2. Consider Government Student Loans or Grants

StudentAid BC has government-subsidized student loans. Depending on your situation, you might be eligible.

This orientation presentation about government student loans contains information you may find helpful.

3. Apply for the General Student Bursary

Once you've established a financial need and decide to pursue a JIBC program of 10 credits or more, you can apply for the JIBC General Student Bursary.

4. Apply for JIBC Awards, Bursaries & Scholarships

JIBC offers scholarships and grants to students who meet specific criteria. Have a look at our Awards, Bursaries & Scholarships page to find those relevant to you.

5. Search for External Awards

We've created a list of external awards, some of which apply to JIBC students. Have a look at external awards.

If you feel your assessment with StudentAid BC was inaccurate, contact us at Financial Aid and we'll provide you with an appeal application.

There is no appeal process for JIBC funds, but we can discuss why you weren't selected, as well as look at other sources of funding.

If you've applied for funding that will arrive after a tuition deadline, you'll need to communicate this information with the program area to determine if you're able to enter into a special payment arrangement.

The JIBC Emergency Assistance Bursary

This bursary is available to domestic students who demonstrate an urgent or unexpected financial need. The JIBC Emergency Assistance Bursary was established in 2021, with initial funding from donor gifts and through The Rix Family Foundation Endowment and another endowment held by The JIBC Foundation.

Apply Here

Indigenous Emergency Assistance Fund

If you are an Indigenous student enrolled in a JIBC program and in need of financial assistance for unexpected expenses you may be eligible.

Youth in Care may experience unforeseen financial emergencies, students can speak with the JIBC’s Financial Aid Advisor to help investigate possible resources available.

Please contact the Financial Aid Advisor at financialaid@jibc.ca or call 604.528.5762.

Justice Institute Students' Union Emergency Fund

The Justice Institute Students’ Union emergency fund has been established through the payment of Student Union Fees to assist students with emergent and unforeseen expenses during your time as a student here at the JIBC. 

Please email JIBC Financial Aid at financialaid@jibc.ca to receive your application.