You are building a career supporting communities. Citizenship, Integrity, Excellence, Collaboration and Respect. At JIBC we expect all students, staff and faculty to carry themselves with these values every day.

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Policy Number 3301

All students in programs must maintain satisfactory academic standards to progress within their program.

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Policy Number 3209

Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC or the Institute) is committed to respecting the rights of individuals and striving to create an environment in which each student is afforded an academic environment that has been developed on the principles of equal and equitable access, respect for individual differences and academic integrity.

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Policy Number 3303

The Final Grade Appeal Policy 3303, sets out the process for appealing a final grade in a JIBC course. Students in a course or program where the curriculum is subject to third-party regulations are subject to appeal procedures of the third party.

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Policy Number 3203

The Justice Institute of British Columbia is committed to the prevention of discrimination and harassment. Respect is the cornerstone of our learning relationships. All staff and students share responsibility for creating a learning environment that is free of discrimination and harassment.

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Policy Number 3206

This policy sets out the framework for access to information contained in student records.

For more information on privacy and release of student information, please refer to the JIBC Privacy Statement.

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Policy Number 3213

JIBC is committed to creating and maintaining a learning and working environment characterized by mutual respect, safety, civility and free inquiry. Safety at JIBC is a priority, and any form of sexual misconduct will not be tolerated.

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Procedure Number  001

JIBC recognizes that there may be many different reasons students who experience sexual misconduct and witnesses of sexual misconduct may be hesitant to complain about or report sexual misconduct. 

JIBC encourages anyone who experiences or witnesses sexual misconduct involving a student to make a complaint or report to JIBC as soon as possible.

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Policy Number 3207

Academic integrity and ethical conduct is promoted and expected at JIBC. Students must learn to access, utilize and build on existing knowledge but must acknowledge such content in their own academic work. Clear attribution of the works of others is an essential part of academic scholarship.

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Policy Number 3205

Honesty, mutual respect and good citizenship is promoted and expected at Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC; the “Institute”). Students will conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of the rights, well-being and property of others and that facilitates an effective learning environment.

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