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Policy Number
VP Academic
Program Council
Effective Date
January 27, 2011
December 03, 2015

Evaluation of learning is the measurement of student learning and performance in relation to stated Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) learning outcomes. This evaluation policy makes clear that students are to be informed about the learning objectives of a course and the methods that will be used for the evaluation of their learning, and be provided with appropriate and timely feedback on their standing relative to standards expected in the course or program.

Policy Statement

Evaluation criteria and activities in all non-credentialed and credentialed programs and courses will be based on the learning outcomes in the approved course outlines and as communicated in the course outline or syllabus. Evaluation of student learning is to be conducted in a fair and objective manner and all evaluation components shall be clear to the student, instructor and relevant program administration. Feedback to students shall be sufficient and timely to help them determine their level of course or program achievement and to help students make determinations of course/program continuation.


This policy applies to all Credentialed and Non-Credentialed Programs and associated courses, and stand-alone courses where evaluation is required.

Evaluation methods will vary among programs and courses to reflect educational context and learning outcomes.

Variance from this Policy

Some programs offered in partnership with key client groups, other post-secondary institutions, and stakeholders with differing evaluation guidelines may establish evaluation procedures outside the scope of this policy.

It is the expectation that, where possible and in as timely a manner as possible, all exemptions need to be stated in partnership agreements, and  be subject to approval by the appropriate curriculum committee and the Dean. External accreditation organizations may also impact on evaluation methodology/tools used to evaluate a student’s performance. Such variances must also be approved by the appropriate Dean and clearly stated, where possible, in the applicable course outlines.

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