Registration Glossary

Some of the terminology we use for registration at JIBC, and what they mean.


Applying is the first step toward admission into a program at JIBC.


The name of the web-based application used to access JIBC's online courses. Students can only access courses that they have registered for.

Continuing Studies

A term to describe courses typically taken by practicing professionals to build knowledge and enhance skills. Students are not required to apply and be accepted into a JIBC program to enroll in a continuing studies course.


A course covers one subject, such as Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Applied Ethics, and so on. The full list of courses is available through the JIBC Course Catalogue.


A term to describe courses where students complete their education or training at a physical location, such as at one of JIBC's campuses.


The name of the online portal where students can access a range of information and services. The page is accessible to all students and staff without having to be logged in.  This page includes;

  • Links and/or access to Colleague Self-Service
  • Password resets
  • Quick links to other JIBC applications and resources such as Find a Program, Find a Course, JIBC Library, JIBC Video Portal, Student Orientation, and the JIBC website
  • Campus announcements
  • My online courses (only visible when logged into Blackboard)

Prior Learning Assessment

Assessment by the Registrar's Office of a student's work experience or learning outside of the traditional post-secondary system. A positive result can allow a student to receive academic credit for a course, or toward completion of a JIBC Program.


A collection of courses that usually leads to a credential.

Program Course

A course that is available only to students that have been accepted into a JIBC Program (eg. Law Enforcement Studies Diploma, Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate, Primary Care Paramedic Certificate).


Registration is the process of signing up for a course or courses.


A term used in the JIBC Course Catalogue to identify upcoming classes of a specific course, which includes important details such as course dates, class times, and location.


The name of the online service where students can register for Continuing Studies courses, pay for programs and program courses, view academic history and grades, view tax information, view course schedules, and manage their user profiles.

Transfer Credit

Academic credit for courses completed at other post-secondary institutions and other organizations where course or program equivalencies have been established.


The name of the online service where previously, students could register and pay for their courses, view tax information, and view course schedules. WebAdvisor has been decommissioned. All WebAdvisor features are now available through Self-Service.