JIBC’s strategic plans and reports provide a window to the Institute’s past, present and future through its stated objectives and accomplishments. They provide transparency and accountability to JIBC’s operations, including to the educational, Indigenous and donor communities we serve, while ensuring our goals and missions are aligned with government.



Strategic Plan 2022-2027 - Page version
Strategic Plan 2022-2027 - Spreads version

Strategic Energy Management Plan

Long-Range Facilities Plan

Climate Change Accountability Report 2021 

Institutional Accountability Plan and Report 2021 - 2022


Annual Reports

2021-2022 | 2020-20212019-2020


Audited Financial Statements

202220212020 |


Board Remuneration: Meeting Attendance and Provision of Honoraria

2021-20222020-2021 | 2019 - 2020

Compensation Philosophy

Compensation Philosophy


covid-19 plan

Communicable Disease Exposure Control Plan

COVID-19 Recovery Plan Framework


Executive Compensation Disclosure Statement

2021-20222020-2021 2018-2019 


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