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Be the one making a difference. Learn about careers where you can be the one making a difference in your community. 

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  • JIBC ByLaw Officer Career Path

    Bylaw Officer

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  • JIBC’s Community Care Licensing program helped direct Helen Wale to a career where she can make a difference through her passion for quality care for adults with developmental disabilities.

    Community Care Facilities Licensing Officer

    Learn More about Community Care Facilities Licensing Officer
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  • Correctional Officer

    Learn More about Correctional Officer
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  • JIBC Emergency Manager Career Path

    Emergency Manager

    Learn More about Emergency Manager
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  • Family Justice Counsellor

    Learn More about Family Justice Counsellor
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  • JIBC Family Mediator Career Path

    Family Mediator

    Learn More about Family Mediator
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  • JIBC Firefighter Career Path


    Learn More about Firefighter
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  • JIBC Intelligence Analyst Career Path

    Intelligence Analyst

    Learn More about Intelligence Analyst
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  • JIBC Manager Career Path


    Learn More about Manager
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  • JIBC Paramedic Career Path


    Learn More about Paramedic
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  • JIBC Police Officer Career Path

    Police Officer

    Learn More about Police Officer
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  • JIBC Probation Officer Career Path

    Probation officer

    Learn More about Probation officer
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  • JIBC Security Officer Career Path

    Security Officer

    Learn More about Security Officer
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  • JIBC Sheriff Career Path

    Deputy Sheriff

    Learn More about Deputy Sheriff
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  • JIBC Trainer & Facilitator Career Path

    Trainer & Facilitator

    Learn More about Trainer & Facilitator
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  • Professional Programs-JIBC student on campus

    Youth Probation Officer

    Learn More about Youth Probation Officer
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  • Youth Supervisor Banner Image

    Youth Supervisor

    Learn More about Youth Supervisor
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