Transfer Credits

To help students reach their academic and employment goals, JIBC welcomes credit transfers from other post-secondary institutions and organizations where course or program equivalencies have been established.

JIBC works toward developing courses and programs that will be accepted for credit transfer or course equivalency by other post-secondary and professional training institutions.

Transfer credit applications for program courses will only be reviewed and assessed after a student has applied for and been accepted into a JIBC program. If you are not enrolled in a JIBC program and wish to register in a course for which you do not have the pre-requisite, you may apply for a course requisite waiver by completing the online Requisite Waiver Request Form.

If you are requesting transfer for an Incident Command System (ICS) course, please complete the online ICS Equivalency Form.

Courses or credentials that were completed over ten years ago are not eligible for transfer credit. They may be eligible for Prior Learning Assessment.

JIBC is a full participant in the credit transfer system of the BC Council on Admissions and Transfers (BCCAT) and works with that system to facilitate transfer agreements that benefit BC students. If a course is listed on the BC Transfer Guide website as transferable from the transfer institution to JIBC, we will not require course outlines. Further information on how your credits might transfer is available from the BC Transfer Guide.

Formal credit transfer and course equivalency agreements with post-secondary institutions and other organizations and accrediting bodies outside of the BC Transfer Guide system are also encouraged. In these circumstances JIBC would require official course outlines to complete your request.
Please review your program web page for program-specific information related to transfer credit. Some programs may only accept transfer credit requests at time of application to the program and/or may also require a minimum grade from the transfer institution.

Transfer credit can be recognized in several different ways:

  • Direct assigned credit (for courses that are deemed equivalent to JIBC courses).
  • Unassigned credit (for courses that are related in content to curriculum taught within the discipline but for which there is no equivalent JIBC course).
  • Block-transfer credit for credentials of program-specific clusters of courses*. (Credit granted may be different from the amount of credit available on a course-by-course basis).

*Students receiving block-transfer credit may be required to complete additional bridging courses to satisfy lower-level degree requirements, prerequisites for upper-level course requirements or residency requirements.

Students accepted into certificate, diploma and degree programs at JIBC are required to complete at least 50% of the program at JIBC.

In cases where a student in a degree program is applying for both transfer credit and prior learning assessment, and the combined total of possible credit exceeds 50%, the student may request an exemption to this policy through the Office of the Registrar. If an exemption is granted, at least 50% of upper-level credits in a program must be completed at JIBC.

Complete the first page of the Request for Credit Transfer Form and email it to

If you did not provide your official post-secondary transcript at the time of program application, request that your official post-secondary transcript from the transfer institution be sent directly to JIBC.

If your education was obtained outside of British Columbia, was completed some years ago, or if the course you would like to be transferred is not listed as equivalent to a JIBC course in the BC Transfer Guide, you must provide detailed course descriptions.