JIBC is one of 25 British Columbia post-secondary institutions participating in the Province’s three-year StrongerBC future skills grant program, which provides B.C. learners with up to $3,500 in funding to pursue short-term skills upgrading. Find out what programs are eligible and how to apply:

eligible Programs

The following programs are eligible for the period between September 1 and December 31, 2023. 

Who is eligible 

The StrongerBC future skills grant is open to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or protected persons entitled to study in Canada who are residents of British Columbia, regardless of financial need. Applicants must have graduated from grade 12 or the equivalent or be 19 years of age or older.  

If you are receiving Employment Insurance, BC Employment Assistance, or Income Support, or if you are working with a WorkBC Employment Counsellor, talk to your Support Worker or Case Manager before you register for a program to ensure you don’t lose any benefits if you apply for the grant. 

There is a $3500 lifetime limit per learner and learners will be given a declaration form before starting each program to confirm that they have not exceeded this limit.  

 Applicants may not access other grants, loans, scholarships, or other funding sources for a program. Find out more about eligibility here.  

What the grant covers 

The grant covers tuition costs, program and course materials, and other related fees such as application fees. If you need additional financial support (such as living expenses or daycare) while participating in a program, contact your local WorkBC Centre six to eight weeks in advance to find out what may be available.  

How to apply 

** All programs are full for the fall term. We will post information for the winter term as it becomes available.**



Programs that start before September 1, 2023 are not eligible for the StrongerBC future skills grant. 

The StrongerBC future skills grant is not available to learners who have already applied and been accepted to an eligible program.  

No, learners do not have to provide proof of financial need.  

JIBC may apply for funding for additional programs that meet the StrongerBC future skills grant requirements in the future, and we will share information as it is available. 

You may only claim funding for one program at a time and cannot exceed $3500 in total funding in your lifetime. To remain eligible for future funding, learners should complete one funded program before applying for another. 

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