Family Justice Counsellor

Family Justice Counsellors provide information, brief services, brief counselling, referrals, family mediation and shuttle mediation, and short-term counselling to persons (primarily those of modest means) who are experiencing separation or divorce. These services, an alternative to litigation, are focused on assisting families with disputes around children’s issues (e.g. custody). Family Justice Counsellors also screen new clients for the incidence of family violence, comply with income screening policy, document case management decisions, and participate in the Parenting After Separation Program. Upon order of the Court, specialized Family Justice Counsellors may investigate/assess the family and make recommendations (i.e. custody, access, guardianship, child support) to the Court.

Role in the Community

Family Justice Counsellors are accredited mediators. That means they are qualified to help separating/divorcing parents try to resolve their disagreements without going to court. Family Justice Counsellors do not provide legal advice to clients but will outline legal information and options.

A Typical Day

On a typical day, Family Justice Counsellors work with clients (face to face or over the phone) in a number of different ways. Specifically, they can be found doing intake interviews, mediation/shuttle mediation or providing ongoing support to people experiencing separation/divorce. Maintaining/managing case records and drawing up legal documents for clients that have come to a resolution, can also be a typical activity in their work day.

Program of Study

If successfully hired, you’ll complete a comprehensive, individualized training program, including a practicum, coursework, and Family Mediation Canada certification.


Salary ranges from $48,406 - $64,052 annually.

Employers & Job Prospects

The employer is Ministry of Justice, Family Justice Services Division.

More Information

Full details on this career can be found on the Family Justice webpage.

Last updated October 3, 2014