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Building on the mediation process and skills introduced in Mediation Fundamentals, this course moves to more challenging, complex and emotionally charged situations. Skills, techniques and theoretical concepts include assessing power dynamics and the fundamentals of screening for power imbalances; shifting the mediation process to meet the needs of participants; reframing issues and developing more complex agendas; tracking issues; probing for and clarifying interests; working with power dynamics and aggressive behaviour; managing caucuses; building momentum through developing understanding and utilizing interests and criteria to assist the parties to develop solutions. You will discuss cultural biases in mediator approaches and process design, ethical considerations in the mediation field and how to develop a personal mediating style. The emphasis is on skill development through simulated mediations, with support and feedback from trained coaches.

Online registration in this course is open to students enrolled in a program through the Centre for Conflict Resolution. Students who would like to complete this course without enrolling in a program can make this request by contacting the Program Area


  • CRES-1105 or CRES-1190, CRES-1170, and CRES-1181 or CRES-1180
Course Offerings
Aug 14, 2023 - Aug 18, 2023
New Westminster Campus
Advanced Mediation
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Aug 14, 2023 - Aug 18, 2023
Date Details
In-Class 2023/08/14 - 2023/08/18
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri  8:30am-4:30pm
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