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JIBC Sheriff Recruit Training

Is this program right for you?

Be the one keeping courthouses and communities safe. If you have recently been hired by BC Sheriff Services, then this program is for you.

become job ready

Complete 14 weeks of mandatory sheriff recruit training at no charge.

Gain Essential Skills

Gain essential skills to perform your duties as a deputy sheriff in courthouses across BC.  

This program is available only to recently hired deputy sheriffs. 

Program strengths

The recruit training program is developed and delivered in partnership between BC Sheriff Services and JIBC. 

Completion of this program provides Deputy Sheriffs with the skills necessary to perform their professional duties.


  • Driver training
  • Firearms
  • Force options
  • Communications
  • Legal studies
  • Report writing
  • Controlled access points
  • Roles and functions
  • Physical fitness


What You Need to Graduate
  • Achieve mastery in each component of the training program to the level required by the curriculum
  • Full-time attendance for the duration of the program
  • Completion of homework assignments
  • Completion of pre-course assignments
  • Successful completion of the field-based training program
Program Format 

Two blocks of on-campus and field training.

Block I

The first block of training (11 weeks) takes place at JIBC. It places heavy emphasis on the skills necessary to perform the role of a Deputy Sheriff which includes, driver training, firearms, force options, communications, legal studies, report writing, controlled access points, roles & functions, and physical fitness.

Block II

In Block II, the recruit embarks on a maximum three-week field-based training program. During this field training component, he or she works with or under the direction of an experienced deputy sheriff. 

Upcoming intakes

Information about upcoming application deadlines and program start dates is determined by the Court Services Branch of the Ministry of Justice.



Sheriff recruits receive mandatory training facilitated by JIBC's Sherriff Academy at no charge.


Visit the BC Sheriff Services webpage for the latest information on how to apply to become a deputy sheriff.

As part of the application and screening process, candidates are expected to complete the Sheriff Officer Physical Abilities Test (SOPAT). A video is available that illustrates the stations for the SOPAT.

Q: When does the BC Sheriff Service hire recruit applicants?
A: BC Sheriff Services accepts applications at specific times throughout the year. Visit the BC Government Deputy Sheriff Career Page for more information, job postings and requirements.


Q: How do I find out more information about the SOPAT (including the station descriptions, a map of the course and the application requirements)?
A: Download the SOPAT handout and view the video below.





Q: How do I practice the SOPAT training?
A: Candidates wishing to practice the SOPAT before the test at JIBC can contact LEPAT or Sheepdog in Victoria for information about practice sessions.


Q: How do I find more information about SOPAT and the application process?
A: Please contact BC Sheriff Service Training & Recruitment.


Questions about Sheriff Training Programs?
Or just email