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How Applications for SAR Training are Approved

When courses are oversubscribed, we use the following criteria, agreed on and reviewed with the Joint Training Committee (consisting of members from BCSARA and EMBC), to register students:

  • Students must meet the course pre-requisitesas recorded in the JIBC transcripts or equivalency (see Course Calendar for details and review your training records by logging in
  • Enrollment is distributed evenly across in-region GSAR Groups.
  • If we receive multiple applications from one SAR Group and don’t have space to admit them all, the selection of students from each SAR Group is based on the Groupprioritizations identified by the Training Officer of that SAR Group.
  • Further selection (as necessary) is based on the date of the application.

If there are still available seats, we can accept out-of-region students. Applicants should discuss training needs and travel reimbursement with their SAR Group prior to application.

The JIBC does not evaluate applications beyond those agreed-upon criteria. Other evaluative decisions are best made by SAR Groups and reflected in their prioritization numbers given to the JIBC. 

Waiting Lists

When courses are over-subscribed, the JIBC maintains a waiting list of applications received before the deadline, and according to the criteria above. As seats become available (when a SAR Member contacts us and drops the course), the JIBC contacts the next person on the waiting list. This procedure has been discussed and reviewed with the Joint Training Committee. SAR Members or Training Officers do not have the opportunity to direct the JIBC on who will replace members who drop the course. Some courses have homework and pre-readings and are not eligible for late enrollments less than 30 days before the start date.

Can I Apply for a Course Outside My Region?

Yes. We prioritize in-region applications, but if there is space, we accept out-of-region applicants that have the pre-requisites. Talk to your SAR Group about travel and accommodation reimbursements for regional or out of region travel.

Download the current schedule

Late Applications

After the JIBC has reviewed all applications received before the deadline and reached out to Training Officers for approvals and prioritization, we will open the application for late applicants. This will occur about a week after the deadline. We will ONLY review late applications if there is room in the course.


Review your training records with JIBC. SAR members who wish to attend training should review their JIBC training history at Individual training records can be viewed online and printed for your reference or to share with your Training Officer. The JIBC uses these records to confirm pre-requisites. If you have questions about your JIBC records, contact