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Current on-campus students at JIBC can receive Rapid Antigen test kits for home use

To all current on campus JIBC students:

Rapid Antigen (RA) test kits – Available to all current face-to-face JIBC students

The provincial government has provided a one-time supply of one Rapid Antigen Test Kit (containing five tests) for each currently active on-campus student to take home in advance for use when you or your family members have symptoms. These are not to be used for asymptomatic testing.

All satellite campuses: distribution to each class will be managed by program staff between Monday, Feb. 28 and Thursday, March 11.

New Westminster campus: student/staff/faculty pick-up, 11am – 2pm from Monday, Feb. 28 to Thursday, March 3

Each person will be issued only one kit (you can’t pick up on behalf of anyone else at this time). Pick up test kits from the hallway side of the Reception Desk in the Atrium – please line up from the west (cafeteria) side. Confirm that you are a current student by stating the in-person (or partially in-person) class you are taking (scheduled anytime between Feb. 15 and March 31, 2022) and be ready to present ID.

Use guidance:

The Rapid Response COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Device is designed for self-testing at home. Learn more: Rapid Testing At Home (

Positive tests can provide clarity so you know how long to stay away, and what precautions to take with any highly vulnerable family or friends. Follow BCCDC guidance on when and how to use the tests, and what to do based on the test results.

Public Health requests that anyone who tests positive self-report at This tool includes a question of whether you attend a post-secondary institution – this information helps inform decisions regarding restrictions and guidance.

Also, please be aware of time-sensitive prioritized treatment options for high risk groups – check if these apply to anyone in your household who tests positive.

Please note that even with a negative test – you must stay away from JIBC until any fever fully resolves and other symptoms begin to improve.