Our expert instructors and coaches combine theory with practice, and are some of the most respected and experienced educators working in the fields of conflict resolution, negotiation, and third-party mediation.

Centre for Conflict Resolution Faculty in BC

Fazal “Fuzz” Bhimji, BSc, CMed, CArb, Cert. ConRes (Negotiation and 3rd Party Intervention), Cert. Public Sector Management is an experienced educator, mediator and arbitrator.  He is a faculty member at the JIBC, teaching and coaching courses in both conflict resolution and leadership.  He also teaches for BCIT’s School of Business.  For more than 15 years he has been a president of MAIN Solution providing mediation and arbitration services to clients in the public and private sector and has resolved hundreds of disputes in that capacity.  He is currently a member of the Health Professions Review Board and the Employment and Assistance Appeals Tribunal. Fuzz has held leadership positions as VP of Labour Relations and President of the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association and has served on the Board of the Canadian Medical Discoveries Fund and the Canadian Science and Technology Fund.  His focus is on helping teams reach their potential and find healthy ways of addressing conflict. 

Nancy Baker, MA (Leadership), Cert. ConRes is a mediator, facilitator, consultant, and coach. She worked at Sunshine Coast Community Services Society for 22 years developing a variety of community programs on the Sunshine Coast as well as working part time at the Justice Institute in Vancouver as a coach and trainer in the Conflict Resolution Program. Nancy started mediating privately with families in 1994 as well as spending time assisting not-for-profits to develop visions, missions, strong boards and to resolve conflicts. She has worked as a facilitator, mediator and consultant around the province of BC and across Canada with many not-for-profit organizations. In 2005, Nancy graduated with a Masters Degree from the Masters of Arts, Leadership and Training Program at Royal Roads University and in 2012 she completed her Myers Briggs Typology Certification in California. She was the Mediation Advisor at the Provincial Court in downtown Vancouver from 2010 to 2015. Presently Nancy is working at the Justice Institute as well as continuing to work privately as a mediator/facilitator in a variety of civil situations and offers workshops including Creating Leaderful Teams, Building on Strengths and Recognizing Differences and Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out.

Sarah Belanger, MEd (Counselling Psychology), IFS Levels 1 & 2 (Internal Family Systems Therapy), Cert. ConRes (Negotiation; Mediation & Third-Party Intervention), BEd (Teacher Education), BSc (Global Resource Systems), is a therapist, educator, and conflict resolution coach. She is passionate about working with people across the lifespan in both educational and therapeutic contexts. For Sarah, the joy of her work is supporting and witnessing clients’ and students’ increasing self-insight, theoretical understanding, and skill development, ultimately leading to greater ease and efficacy, both intra and interpersonally, in their personal and professional lives.
Sarah is currently on temporary leave caring for her young family, which provides daily opportunities for mindfulness, humour, emotional regulation, gratitude, and negotiation with her powerful preschooler.

Kathleen Bellamano, BSW, RSW, C. Arb, C. Med, FMCCert. CFM, has been a dispute resolution practitioner for 15 years.  She is a Chartered Arbitrator and Mediator, certified as a Comprehensive Family Mediator by Family Mediation Canada, is on the family and civil rosters of Mediate BC, the BC Hear the Child and Parenting Coordinator rosters and is a Restorative Justice Facilitator and Mentor.  She has a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Victoria and is currently completing a Master of Social Work with a Clinical Specialization and a Certificate in Adult Education.  Kat received her Certificate in Conflict Analysis and Management and her Certificate in Family Mediation from The Institute of Conflict Analysis and Management with an emphasis on Conflict in Organizations and Group Facilitation Skills.  She received her Certificate in Arbitration from the ADRBC (formerly BCAMI).

Helen Cheng, B. Comm., LL.B., LL.M., is a lawyer and conflict resolution consultant.  Her practice focuses on institutional system design, leadership and management training. She was previously a crown counsel with the Department of Justice Canada and specialized in Charter litigation. Helen contributes on a pro bono basis to a number of organizations that promote grassroots empowerment, such as Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, and is the founder of Yspace, a grassroots youth program that introduces ideas and skills indispensable to conflict resolution and peacebuilding.  Helen completed her Master of Law studies at Harvard Law School and her research on ADR theory is published in The Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence.

Kristen Conboy, MA (Conflict Analysis & Management), CMed, Cert. Mediation/Negotiation, Cert. Organizational Coaching, has extensive experience in organizational conflict as a mediator, coach, facilitator and instructor. Working with individuals or groups to establish, improve, or rebuild relationships is her specialty. Kristen focuses on helping people develop new skills, to recognize and enhance individual potential for resiliency and long term success. Her passion is in helping people figure out how to transform whatever is not working for them into something that works more efficiently and effectively. In addition to working in an organizational setting as a conflict practitioner, Kristen is also a faculty member in the Public Safety Division at the Justice Institute with the goal of bringing the skills of conflict resolution to the next generation of Law Enforcement.

Clare Connolly, B.A., PCC, Cert. ConRes., is a facilitator, trainer and professional certified coach who specializes in conflict resolution and leadership development. Initially starting in restorative justice, Clare’s background now includes 15+ years as a trainer, coach and facilitator of difficult conversations at the organizational level and in her private practice.  She joined the Justice Institute as a coach in the Centre for Conflict Resolution in 2008.


Raj Dhasi, MA (Organizational Conflict Analysis and Management), BA (Adult Education), Cert. ConRes., focuses her work on conflict resolution within school districts, workplace settings including corporations and legal settings, and within families.  Her work includes conflict analysis and assessment and a range of strategies to manage conflict effectively including mediation, group facilitation, leadership coaching, and restorative practices. Raj specializes in delivering conflict management strategies that are grounded in brain research.  

Linda Dobson, MA (Applied Behavioral Science - Leadership), Master Certified Coach (Since 2003 - ICF), Certificates: Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Coaching, is an accomplished and passionate conflict specialist. Linda helps clients secure resolutions to challenging personal and professional conflicts. A Certified Conflict Coach (JIBC), Mediator and Master Certified Coach (ICF), Linda works with leaders and teams in both public and private sectors. Linda’s clients include Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments. Her international work includes Uganda, Mexico, and India.  Linda has been an Executive Coach and is on the Dispute Resolution Roster for the Government of BC, and the Government of Canada. Linda teaches with Justice Institute of BC, University of Calgary, and the National Law University in Mumbai. Her work is based on evidence-based theories, models, and strategic skills from dispute resolution, professional coaching, and neuro/behavioral science.

Paula Drouin, CMed, Cert. ConRes., Cert. Arbitration, MA (Human Security and Peacebuilding), is an inspirational educator who brings to the learning environment extensive experience working in high conflict situations; an ability to create authentic meaningful dialogue; and a comfort level with adversarial parties that is contagious. Paula has a passion for grassroots justice initiatives and has international experience assessing restorative justice processes and court mediation programs.

Michael Fogel, LL.B., J.D., MEd, CMed, has been concentrating on mediating and facilitating and adult education in the field of negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution. He presents in-house senior management and leadership programs in many private and public sector corporations and organizations. He also works with many organizations and institutions that are involved in significant change and/or engaged in processes for transforming corporate culture and systems.

Mario Govorchin, Cert. ConRes., is a dynamic, energetic and entertaining speaker and trainer. Much of his work with organizations focuses on conflict resolution, leadership, team development, and change management. He is well regarded in his work as an interventionist for organizations experiencing high internal conflict, and has particular strengths as a mediator of multi-party disputes.

Vanessa Gray, BA, Cert. ConRes. is a front line conflict resolution practitioner with over 14 years of mediation and instructional experience.  She provides conflict engagement processes such as conflict coaching, third party facilitation, and assistance with harassment investigations at the organizational level.  As an instructor, Vanessa’s engaging and practical approach connects with audiences large and small. Vanessa has provided intervention services to both public and private sector organizations, sport at the national level, the family courts, Restorative Justice, parent-teen mediation, and schools throughout the lower mainland. 

Terry Harris, Cert. ConRes., BA, LL.B., MA (Human Security and Peacebuilding), is a mediator in the child protection, insurance, and family fields. He has a varied background as a lawyer, counsellor and administrator with rich experience in multi-party and cross-cultural mediation.

Kent Highnam, Cert. ConRes., BA, MA, is an international educator and speaker with a background in international and public relations with the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross. He has worked in public and private organizations as an educator, facilitator and practitioner in collaborative, interest-based processes in both English and French. As Program Director of JIBC's School of Health and Community Social Justice, Kent also has extensive experience in human resources and labour relations issues. He directs and teaches for the Centre for Conflict Resolution, the Centre for Leadership and also teaches for JIBC’s Law Enforcement Studies Diploma.

Stacey Holloway, Cert. ConRes., B.Sc.N., is an acknowledged and skilled interventionist in the fields of human relations and organizational development. She focuses on assisting people and organizations as they create and navigate change. Her work includes planning for strategic change management, organizational assessment, and analysis, developing people through training and coaching, intervention including mediation and facilitation, and keynote speaking. Stacey is the author of a comprehensive high school resource entitled Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Skills for Youth.

Darrin Hotte, MDiv, Cert. ConRes., FMC Cert. CFM, FEA has over 30 years of leadership experience and specialized training in the areas of conflict, complex family systems, and relationships.  He is passionate about building, restoring, and preserving health within families, communities, faith-based groups, and other organizations.  The focus of his mediation practice is Separation/Divorce, Family Business, and speaking/training, and has mediated, facilitated, or coached over 800 family and civil disputes. Darrin holds a certificate in Family Mediation (Justice Institute of BC) and Family Enterprise (Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors) as well as a BA in Psychology/Sociology (Concordia College) and a Master of Divinity (Regent College). Darrin is married with two children and resides in the North Shore.

Precious Ile, MA, PMP is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a decade of experience in dialogue, community engagement, human-centered design, participatory action research, leadership, and board governance. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Impact Plus Consulting, a strategy and engagement consulting firm that helps purpose-driven organizations achieve over 90% buy in on high-stakes, high-priority engagement projects and be set up for successful implementation. She teaches Conflict Analysis and Resolution at JIBC. Precious believes that conflict can be transformed into win-win opportunities for dialogue, trust, and mutual understanding. As a trainer, facilitator, and consultant, she speaks nationally and internationally on how putting people at the centre yields better results for navigating change and improving any organizational planning process. Among her professional achievements, Precious is a TEDx Speaker and was appointed a Dialogue Associate with SFU Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue as one of over 90 distinguished practitioners leading the practice of dialogue and engagement in the region. Precious was also nominated for a YWCA Women of Distinction Award for her commitment to service, youth development, and economic well-being. She received the national IAP2 Core Values Award for Creativity and Innovation in public engagement. She holds a Master’s degree in Community Development from the University of Victoria and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Simon Fraser University. She currently serves as a Board Director with IAP2 Canada and was a past Director with City Hive Vancouver and the SFU Alumni Association

Paula Kueng, B.A., LL.M (ADR) has practiced in the field of conflict resolution since 2003. The first five years of her career were spent mediating family separation and the subsequent years have been spent mediating workplace disputes. In 2012 she became a faculty member at JIBC when she took on the roles of coach and instructor in the Conflict Resolution Program. She finds working with people in conflict a privilege and one that has taught her much about the capacity we have to come together in trying circumstances. When Paula is not at work she is at home with her partner and their young family.

Niki Kux-Kardos, MA, PCC, Cert. ConRes began her conflict resolution training in 2003 at the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society in Edmonton while completing a Bachelor of Commerce in HR and Organizational Behaviour. Since 2009 she has been in private practice working primarily with families in business specializing in conflict management, leadership, coaching, speaking, and training. In addition to her private work, Niki is one of three internal Informal Conflict Management Practitioners with the RCMP providing conflict coaching, mediation, facilitation, group intervention, awareness and training throughout British Columbia. She is a Certified Executive Coach, trained Restorative Justice facilitator and Peacemaking circle keeper, holds a Certificate in Conflict Resolution in Mediation and Negotiation and is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in Advanced Coaching and Leadership.

Kenneth Markley, M.Ed., Cert. CFM (FMC) is a certified comprehensive Family Mediator. Ken has been in private practice for ten years since retiring as a child protection social worker and Family Group Conference Coordinator. He has mediated over 400 family disputes including separation and divorce issues but primarily in the field of Child Protection Social Work. Ken is also an active trainer and coach in Alternate Dispute Resolution practices.

Graham McDonald, Cert ConRes, is a retired mediator who has taught and coached the JIBC Conflict Resolution curriculum since 2003 in the Yukon, and since 2011 in Victoria. He entered the conflict resolution field after 25 years of experience in roles in and around government entities in the Yukon: Acting Chief of Staff to Yukon Government Leader; Executive Assistant to several Cabinet Ministers, Executive Director to the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board; consultant to First Nations governments; and contract investigator and mediator for the office of the Yukon Ombudsman and Protection of privacy Commissioner. In Port Alberni, where he now lives, he has been active in Restorative Justice and property development initiatives.

Julia Menard, MEd, PCC, Cert. ConRes specializes in helping to transform organizational conflict into a learning gift. She runs her own conflict consulting practice working with teams, leaders and employees in conflict within public and private organizations. Julia is the co-author of Hold On To Yourself: How to Stay Cool in Hot Conversations and the Canadian distributor and workshop creator for Mediator in a Box.

Linda Ohashi, M.Ed, Cert. ConRes, is an adult educator, family mediator, coach and restorative justice facilitator with over 20 years of experience in adult education. She is a strong proponent of healthy, engaged communities and works with a number of organizations to promote opportunity and change.  As a coach at the JI campus in New Westminster, she feels privileged to work and learn alongside outstanding faculty and students. 

Kerry Palmer, Cert. ConRes., Cert. Restorative Practices, Cert. Family Med., is a Metis citizen from the Red River area of Manitoba. For the past 21 years Kerry has operated his consultant business, Integrative Mediation Services. His focus is in the areas of conflict resolution, mediation, facilitation, training, workplace assessment, team support and executive coaching. Kerry is an instructor at Justice Institute of BC in the Conflict Resolution and Aboriginal Leadership Programs and has been part of the JI faculty for over 20 years. Kerry has certificates from the Justice Institute of BC in Conflict Resolution, Family Mediation and a specialization in Restorative Practices, as well as a diploma from VCC in Adult Education. Kerry had worked as a mediator the areas of Child Protection and family for 14 years and is currently a mediator for the BC Public Service Agency. Kerry also works as a Respectful Workplace Advisor for a number of Provincial Crown Corporations in B.C. In this role he provides Respectful Workplace training, mediation, team facilitation and workplace assessments.
Another area of Kerry’s work is within First Nations communities. Here Kerry has provided training, facilitation, and mediation services to chief and council, band offices and employees.


Lesley Shebib, MA (Conflict Analysis and Management), Cert. ConRes.,and Q.Med with ADRIC is a strong advocate of effectively resolving conflict and currently facilitates family & divorce mediation, as well as coaching and training in the field of communication and conflict resolution. Lesley has been teaching and training for over 20 years.

Alan Simpson, BTh., MA (Conflict Management), Cert. ConRes, is a facilitator of difficult conversations, conflict coach and mediator for individuals and groups. He provides conflict engagement processes and training seminars for leaders and their organizations nationally and internationally.  He has over 25 years of experience in coaching and training adults, families and organizations in communication skills, change management and conflict engagement.  He has worked with family businesses, private schools and faith based organizations. His offerings include leadership development, non-profit board management, team building and retreat facilitation. Alan is a skills coach and instructor for the JIBC at the Okanagan and New West campuses. 

Jim Skinner, Cert. ConRes, BGS, MA in progress (Organizational Leadership) is a facilitator, workplace educator, and organizational conflict resolution specialist. His practice includes providing workplaces with conflict resolution training, team building, team dynamics awareness training, formal harassment investigation, climate assessment and leadership development coaching.  Jim is also a skills coach for the JIBC working at both the New West and Kelowna campuses.

Pete Sperling, B.A., Cert. ConRes., Cert. Family Med (Family Mediation Canada), discovered the field of conflict resolution in 2008 after returning to Canada from living abroad in Australia, West Africa and Taiwan. He had a small private practice as a coach, facilitator and private mediator before joining the BC public service in 2012 as a full-time family mediator. He currently manages a team of family mediators at one of the provinces three Justice Access Centres. 

Colette Squires, M.A. is an organizational consultant, mediator, and the principal lead at Colette Squires and Associates.  A published writer and researcher, she has an M.A. in Criminal Justice and extensive experience with public safety and the criminal justice system. She works primarily for government and not-for-profits, providing conflict resolution services as well as coaching and leadership development.  She also provides mediation for families in conflict.  Previously, she was the Executive Director for Abbotsford Restorative Justice, and she has over 25 years of experience as an instructor.

Julia Szucs, BSc, Cert. ConRes, IFS Level One specializes in leadership development, team facilitation and conflict resolution. Holding a Bachelor or Science from the University of Guelph, a Certificate of Conflict Resolution from Justice Institute of British Columbia, and Level One Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy training, Julia has solid groundings in communication skills, mediation, empathic enquiry and group process facilitation. Julia’s diverse background includes environmental policy development, documentary film production and communication skills training. She has led wilderness expeditions for the National Outdoor Leadership School, worked with high school students on traveling field studies and facilitated group processes in boardrooms and classrooms. She is particularly drawn to facilitating experiential learning opportunities that build self-awareness, contribute to personal growth and bolster successful team performance. Julia is currently coaching great teams of students at Royal Roads University.

Tu Van Trieu, MSc (Conflict Resolution), RPC, BA, is a registered professional counsellor, coach, and facilitator. Tu Van’s background includes restorative justice, international peacebuilding, building cultural awareness and competency, preventing bullying and harassment in high schools; and now focuses on supporting holistic self-empowerment in understanding and managing interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts. She also teaches at Native Education College and facilitates psychosocial groups for men on probation for because of intimate relationship violence to help stop the cycle of violence.

Lee Turnbull, LL.B., MEd (Couns Psych), FMC Cert. Comp. Fam. Med, C.Med. maintains a diverse international dispute resolution consulting practice: commercial, workplace, governments, NGOs, schools, family disputes. Lee specializes in design/implementation for civil and family mediation practicum programs, and skill assessment processes. She assesses and instructs for JIBC, is Senior Advisor for Mediate BC in Court Mediation Program and Family Regional Mentoring Program, and coaches CLE courses.  Acclaimed in her fourth term, she serves her Sunshine Coast community as elected Regional District Director.

Deborah White, Cert. ConRes., B.S.W., MA (Applied Behavioral Science), is an organization/management consultant, mediator, facilitator and trainer. She has more than 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors working with people at all levels. Deborah’s practice focuses on process consulting, coaching, workplace mediation, organizational facilitation, skills training and reconstruction of working relationships.

Gordon C. White, Cert. ConRes., B.Sc., MBA, is a facilitator and trainer who mediates in BC government programs and facilitates practical resolutions for organizations who find themselves with intractable human relationship difficulties. He has a keen interest in both building preventative capacities, and working with individual growth and group transformation potentials available through engaging purposefully in conflict. Gordon’s areas of work have included group dysfunction, grievances, harassment, troubled relationships, leadership, lawsuits, Aboriginal communities, federal government, and restorative justice.