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This course examines the role and responsibilities of investigators and takes participants through the various stages of investigative work: from gathering information, to the actual investigation, the use of a variety of investigative techniques and methods which focus on the principles of major case management. Course Goal(s): The proper investigation of serious incidents relies upon the investigating officer's understanding and competence in the proper techniques and methods found in the major case management system. Duplication, wasted resources, and unsuccessful outcomes result from the improper handling of evidence and ineffective management of resources. This course will assist WorkSafe BC Legal Counsil with the proper and effective handling of simple as well as complex investigative files. Course Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to: -Define key terms. -Describe the role and responsibilities of an investigator. -Explain basic concepts associated with effective investigations. -Obtain and evaluate investigative information and evidence. -Understand the principles of major case management -Explain the various roles of the major case management model -Explain the procedures for effective witness management. -Identify safety issues that may arise on the job and ways to deal with them. Be aware of the legal issues surrounding the investigation of an incident that begins as a compliance investigation and then moves to a criminal or enforcement investigation.


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