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Clinical supervision rests on the foundation of a supervisor-supervisee relationship based on mutual respect, broadly shared world views, dedication to client welfare, collaboratively established goals and methods, and the emotional safety necessary for sharing and processing the emotional intensity of counselling and psychotherapy. This course builds on the competencies developed in Clinical Supervision Level 1, to include specific and sometimes technical competencies needed by supervisors as they formalize supervisory relationships, assess practice standards, process ethical questions and dilemmas, and maintain boundaries of scope and basic legalities. In this course learners will apply knowledge about legal and ethical limits to the supervisory process, all the while maintaining a focus on supervision as a relational process. Course content will include scenarios that illustrate the laws that apply to counselling and psychotherapy, and creation of a catalog of legal considerations that all supervisors must continually monitor. The role of regulators, courts, contracts and organizational policies will be summarized for application to clinical supervision. Graduates will be able to confidently guide their supervisees on how to relate to codes of ethics, standards of practice, professional scopes and statutory limits.

Important course information:
This course includes an orientation and pre-reading package that will take approx. 2-4 hours to complete. Learners will be sent the orientation and prereading 2 weeks before the class start date. The course also includes a final written assignment directly relevant to your practice as a clinical supervisor. Experience has shown that time for preparation of the assignment varies with your working style and practice context, but several hours are typically needed for completion. Students are expected to find time to prepare and submit within one week after the three-day course completion. Your instructor will provide the exact due date and further instructions on the assignment during the course.


  • COUN-3010 or COUN-3006
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